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September 30 2014

If you came by to visit us at McCormick Place in Chicago last month, during the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) 2014 Convention and Exposition, we want to thank you. We had a great time visiting with old friends and new, discussing trends in our industry and how best to move forward as 2015 approaches.

At the moment, we're between shows. So, if you didn't have a chance to get to Chicago, why not start planning your trip to see us in Miami? We'll be exhibiting in the Miami Beach Convention Center for The International Surface Event-East. The TISE East show will run from the 19th through the 22nd. of October. This expo features a wide variety of stone products including tiles, countertops, and flooring for use in the kitchen and bath. The MR Direct line of stone vessel sinks will be on display for you to see and feel. Many are simply stunning, having been sculpted from marble, granite onyx and sandstone. We'll also be showing several sinks from our other extraordinary collections of stainless steel, copper, bronze, glass and porcelain. As well, you'll be able to personally review what we believe are some of the finest faucets available.

Visit our booth (#5027) at this year's TISE East show, and check out our stone creations and many of our other fine offerings. Any one of our friendly staff of trained professionals would love to talk shop, and give any advice they can to address your particular needs.

September 30 2014
A Beautiful Pink Day

It was a picture-perfect day for a run. Temperatures were in the mid-70s and bright sunshine splashed its warmth and hope over the record number of participants in this year's Toledo Area Komen Race for the Cure®. In the mix of over 20,000 entrants, was a team composed of MR Direct employees who volunteered to participate in this event. We are extremely proud to note that nearly half of our staff participated, even more made a financial contribution.

We know many of our colleagues and customers participated in this worthy race as well, or plan to when events are scheduled in their hometowns. We also know that many of us, or someone we are close to, has suffered from this dreaded disease. It's encouraging to know that strides have been made toward finding a cure, but we are all aware that much more research needs to be done.

Of course we hope the solution is found before next year's scheduled race, but if not, we pledge to continue doing our part by participating in events around the Toledo, Ohio area for as many years as necessary. We'd like to remind everyone that donations can be made online at any time, by visiting the Komen Race for the Cure website at: www.raceforthecure.org.

September 2 2014
New Grid Drain Introduced for Vessel Sinks

When an MR Direct vessel-style sink is purchased, our customers have typically been adding one of our distinctive pop-up drains to complete their package. With a simple press to the drain cap, the pop-up allows the bowl to be filled with water, or to have it released. However, many situations do not require that the sink have the ability to be closed for filling. For this market, MR Direct is proud to announce the addition of a new grid drain to be used with its vessel-style sinks. This grid will prevent waste materials from flowing down and potentially clogging plumbing further along the line.

This handsome device is just as durable and attractive as our pop-ups, and is available in all three standard finishes: chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. It is important to note that the grid drain comes in two functional designs, one for sinks with overflows, and one for those without. Both feature a 19-hole grid pattern, solid brass construction, are easy to securely install, and are covered under our one-year warranty.

If you are setting up an MR Direct vessel sink, which does not need to be filled with water, our new grid drain is the ideal finishing touch, which can be perfectly matched to the finish of any of our vessel faucets.

September 2 2014
Coming Soon - Two Key Tradeshow Appearances

If you have been hoping to have a chance to view the collections of MR Direct sinks and faucets in person, September and October are going to provide two great opportunities to do just that.

At the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago, on September 22 and 23, MR Direct will be participating in the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) 2014 Convention and Exposition. This event features several hundred companies who will be offering a broad spectrum of plumbing services or products ranging from air valves to water treatment equipment, and everything in-between. Two of those "in-between" products are the distinctive faucets and sinks which will be on display at the MR Direct booth. Several exciting new designs have been introduced in the past year, and they, along with samples from all our lines of sinks and faucets, will be available for a hands-on appraisal at Booth #2636.

In October we'll be heading south to the Miami Beach Convention Center for The International Surface Event-East. The TISE East show will run from the 19th through the 22nd. All nature of floor coverings, tiles and stone products, used in kitchen and bath design, will be on display. MR Direct will feature its extensive line of granite, marble, onyx and sandstone sinks. Additionally, visitors to our booth (#5027) can view numerous samples from our other extraordinary collections of sinks and faucets.

For an opportunity to see and evaluate our superior products in person, visit us at either of these upcoming shows, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals about your particular needs.

September 2 2014
The Battle Continues

On Sunday September 28, 2014, a team of MR Direct employees and friends will join thousands in the annual Toledo Area Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®. This race has grown from 600 participants in 1994 to nearly 20,000 this year. In spite of all this moral and financial support, breast cancer continues to be the most prevalent cancer in the world, affecting both women and men.

This is one tough fight and support is continually needed. Three-quarters of every dollar received through this race event is given to local organizations and hospitals who use the funds to provide screenings and educational programs. The remainder is given to national research efforts.

The staff of MR Direct has pledged to help in this fight and are proud so many of our employees participate both financially and physically in this race event. We challenge our customers and colleagues to join our team as we strive to make a difference in this battle.

By visiting our MR Direct fundraising page on the Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio site, you will have the opportunity to make a donation to this significant cause and join our race team. Any amount you can give brings us one step closer to finding a cure.

September 2 2014
TruGranite Takes On a New Shape

It began with rumors. Then it was asked for. Now, it's here. We're talking about the new Model 824 – the first-ever, D-shape, TruGranite sink from MR Direct. The combination of our extraordinary TruGranite material with the booming popularity of the D-shape design creates a sink which is certain to become a new best-seller.

Kitchen designers are attracted to the trendy D-shape sink because it offers the unconventional placement of the faucet in one of the back corners. This asymmetrical look draws attention and allows room for the deeper, front-to-back, D-shape sink. With essentially no loss of usable counter space, the homeowner gets much more sink space. This can be a significant bonus where kitchen space is at a premium. If the traditional, balanced look is preferred, the D-shape sink can still be installed in the corner of a kitchen counter, or in a kitchen island.

The Model 824 exhibits the same magnificent traits inherent in all models of MR Direct TruGranite sinks. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic is its ability to kill germs. Because it is infused with silver ions, mold spores, yeast, and all types of bacteria are short-lived on its surface. The durability of TruGranite is unquestionable. A dropped knife will not scratch, acidic foods will not stain, and hot pots will not burn the surface.

The 824 is being offered in all six TruGranite colors; black, beige, slate, mocha, silver and white. Measuring a broad 21 7/8'' by 19 1/8'' with an inner depth of 8 1/4'', the Model 824 is designed to provide contemporary style, plenty of sink space and complete satisfaction.

July 31 2014
Vessel Sinks Getting Bent Out of Shape

The most popular sinks are still circular, square, or rectangular in shape and at a standard depth. Recently, however, there has been a trend toward unorthodox styles. MR Direct has been a first-hand witness to this phenomenon as they track sales of their own uniquely-shaped vessel sinks.

Vessel sinks have been introduced with unusual shapes, in almost every material category. MR Direct's porcelain selection includes several models which are very wide, up to 25.5 inches, but have shallow depths as low as 3.25 inches. Although they take an overall rectangular form, their edges gently curve down from the corners rather than maintaining traditional horizontal lines. This low-profile design is found in our stone collection as well, with additional choices of wavy edges, even longer sleek lines, and organic shapes such as a teardrop. In glass, leaf or flower-petal shapes are offered. And if a sink made of bamboo is not unique enough, one MR Direct model is a low, symmetrical sink with slow, graceful curves.

Perhaps the most dramatic shapes are in MR Direct's collection of bronze vessel sinks. These bowls may have proportions which are in the range of traditional sinks, but that is where any comparison ends. Two models are designed as replica clam shells with irregular wavy edges. Two others mimic oyster shells. There's one with the spiral design of a snail shell, and perhaps the most unusual is a sea urchin shape. The textures and organic curves of these bronze offerings make them stunning options. Watch for more unusual shapes to hit the MR Direct vessel sink market as homeowners continue to express themselves through one-of-a-kind sinks.

July 31 2014
Touch of Glass

Since their debut a few years ago into the MR Direct collection, glass vessel sinks have attracted a lot of attention. It's quite understandable, since the beauty of glass has no equivalent.

MR Direct offers glass basins in almost every color of the rainbow, and even has one with all of them! The majority are shaped like a circular bowl, but some square, rectangular, and organic shapes are also available. Materials like gold-leaf, with or without patterned designs, are often embedded in the glass for dramatic effects. The interior of our glass bowls are extremely smooth and polished to a high gloss, while the exteriors may be similarly buffed, textured, or painted. The combinations create stunning, glistening basins.

The glass used in MR Direct sinks is thick, ranging from 1/2'' to 5/8'', and tempered. This means it is safer, can withstand much higher temperatures than ordinary glass, and is easy to clean. Being non-porous, it will not readily stain or hold odors.

Beautiful, safe, and sanitary. The only thing left to add is the MR Direct bonus of coordinating whichever glass sink you choose with a matching waterfall-style faucet. The addition of this touch of glass will be one which all your family and friends will admire for quite some time.

July 31 2014
A Faucet Finish

MR Direct offers three distinctive finishes for its full line of faucets – chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. Each provides an attractive appearance and protection against corrosion. But the right choice can make a faucet stand out like a jewel in your kitchen or bath.

The traditional favorite has been chrome, and that is still a very popular choice. Through a plating process, the chrome is applied to the brass base resulting in a durable, mirror-like finish. Chrome looks great on any faucet design and will match almost any décor. It's the least expensive choice, but highly valued for its beauty.

If a softer look is what you're after, consider the brushed nickel finish. Applied to the brass faucet by a process known as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), a thin layer of metal film adheres to the unit and creates a very long-lasting surface. Brushed nickel is resistant to corrosion, and the striated appearance masks minor scratches. It's easy to clean and subtly blends into any room design.

For the aged effect, oil-rubbed bronze is the classic choice. Through a chemical procedure, the faucet surface is darkened into a rich, deep chocolate color, with shadowy grays and a copper luster. This finish is a bit more expensive than the others, but it should be your choice if you are after a bold, antique look.

With the choice of finishes offered on MR Direct faucets, you can choose the perfect match for your kitchen or bath décor.

July 1 2014
Leave No Stone Untrimmed

When you are in the market for a stone sink, countertop, or another rock-solid piece of home décor, you should expect to find a quality product. The Stone Fabricators Alliance was established to guide the stone industry through the maze of new techniques and technologies that help create superior stone fabrication. As an association of expert stone craftsmen operated totally by volunteers, this alliance endeavors to share its expertise in order to maintain and enhance its old world art.

Businesses can often find members of this group presenting free seminars and workshops at tradeshows and conventions. Companies who are involved in all facets of the stone fabricating industry benefit from the education which the SFA provides, enabling them to understand what is involved in the creation of stone products, how to detect flaws, and what buying trends are hitting the market.

MR Direct is proud to be a member and contributor to the alliance's online forums where businesses and consumers alike can share their expertise and opinions. Customers, like those who purchase sinks and faucets from MR Direct, can also visit the SFA website to locate reputable quality stone fabricators nearest to them and learn how to find other reliable stone products for the home. It's organizations like the SFA that keep the whole stone fabrication industry producing the highest quality products, which ultimately creates complete customer satisfaction.

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