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July 7 2015
New Line of Topmount Sinks Introduced

MR Direct is excited to announce the debut of its new series of topmount stainless steel sinks, some of which can be undermounted as well. Manufactured in North America, the new collection is comprised of seven models. When compared to our previous line of topmounts, which these are to replace, you'll find a superior quality, more thickness options, and a much better price. All models have a beautiful brushed satin finish and sound-dampening pads on the exterior reduce noise. The thickness varies per model in 18, 20, or 24-gauge steel.

This economy line of stainless steel topmounts is big on form and function, but a very small drain on the pocketbook. Watch for more information about these and all our sinks at www.MRDirectint.com.

July 7 2015
Take a Shine to Your Sink

Has that one-time sparkling MR Direct sink lost some of its luster? Making your sink shine is a crucial step in creating a refined look in your kitchen and sometimes a little touch up can showcase your sink a little more. With just these few steps you can change the look and lower the cost of any kitchen update or re-model.

First, drying your sink after rinsing will prevent water spots. To remove these spots, use a mild-abrasive cleaner and rinse thoroughly. To restore that sparkle, try olive oil and a soft cloth to help remove streaks and add shine. Undiluted white vinegar will also help remove any fingerprints or hard water deposits in stainless sinks. No matter how dull that older sink has become, there is a simple solution to giving it a shining new life.

May 1 2015
Tried and TruGranite

For years, TruGranite sinks have been growing in demand by homeowners and contractors alike. They are a premium choice sink for those who want the natural look and feel of matte stone in their kitchen at a reasonable price. Sinks formed of other materials have a hard time measuring up to TruGranite's superiority in several categories.

As a granite composite (80% Quartzite/20% Acrylic), TruGranite offers the most durable surface available for a kitchen sink. It is extremely heat-resistant, up to 550 degrees, which means hot pots or pans can be set inside without fear of damage. It is nearly impossible to scratch or stain; acidic foods and strong detergents will not mar its surface. And because it is such a dense, solid material, it makes for a very quiet sink.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of a TruGranite sink is that it is actively anti-microbial. Silver ions are infused into the sink materials during manufacture and endlessly work to reduce the population of bacteria, mold spores, yeast, algae and mildew. This silver technology has been in place in medical industries for years.

May 1 2015
The ABCs of the D-Shape, TruGranite Sink

The TruGranite collection of MR Direct sinks has seen numerous additions and embellishments since its introduction in 2008. The broadening of this line has fueled its growth in popularity, and inversely its popularity has spawned new models. Recently, we introduced the 824, designed in the trendy D-shape and offered in all six TruGranite colors.

D-shape sinks are the latest choice of those who want to be on that proverbial cutting-edge of kitchen design. The key attraction is the faucet placement, which is usually at the back-left or right corners of the sink, instead of the traditional back-center location. This allows the 824 sink to be deeper front-to-back, turning the traditional faucet area into additional sink space.

May 1 2015
Snug as a Flange in a Flange

In mere seconds, with only a simple push, a TruGranite flange can be installed to match your TruGranite sink. Here's how to do it:

Most garbage disposal units include a metal flange, which connects through the drain opening of a TruGranite sink. The disposal attaches to this metal flange and as such to the sink. The disposal unit does not attach to the additional TruGranite flange.

Once the installation of the garbage disposal is completed, the MR Direct TruGranite flange can be inserted, from the top, directly inside of the metal flange. This is a snug fit, so a firm push is needed to secure the TruGranite flange inside the metal one. That's it!

The TruGranite flange has its benefits. First, it is cosmetic. Because our flanges are available in matching TruGranite colors for most models, these sinks can have an aesthetically pleasing, uniform appearance.

Second, it is practical. The shallow basket that comes with the flange can catch debris you don't want going into the disposal, and with a simple push it becomes a stopper so the sink can be filled with water.

If you need any further clarification regarding TruGranite sink characteristics or installation, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service department. You can also check out our newest, very cool, warm color, slate, and details of all the MR Direct TruGranite sinks, by visiting www.MRDirectint.com.

March 31 2015
Next Stop on the MR Direct Tour - Coverings '15

From our experience, each year's Coverings event has grown in size, participation and value; so this year's show is one which shouldn't be missed. From April 14-17, more than 1,000 businesses will be displaying the latest products of the stone and tile industries in the expansive Orange County Convention Center of sunny Orlando, Florida. Projections are that over 23,000 contractors, retailers, installers and others will be attending.

After a very successful show last month at KBIS, the MR Direct team of professionals is eager to set up for the spectacular Coverings '15 exposition. We will be featuring a display of our extensive line of stone vessel sinks. Dramatic, durable and distinctive best describe these basins carved from pure granite, marble, onyx and sandstone. Many consider the transformation of stone into a vessel sink to be one of the most exquisite uses of these raw materials.

Additional sink models and faucets will also be on-hand for review, as well as the amazing Home Reality app designed exclusively by the MR Direct tech team. This fascinating application allows consumers to virtually view any MR Direct sink, with any popular countertop, in any real location, on their iPad or Android.

The MR Direct staff is looking forward to exchanging information about our products and industry trends with old and new friends alike. Stop by booth #4491 for a visit.

March 31 2015
Do You, YouTube? We do!

Since the formative days of MR Direct International, a series of "how-to" articles have been written and updated on the MR Direct website. Our purpose for these aids has been to provide our customers with guidelines for the proper care and cleaning of our various products. Additionally, we strive to stimulate creativity by writing articles with alternative design ideas and tips on successfully completing related home remodeling projects.

Today we are proud to announce that our creative team has begun to take these written aids and transform them into truly visual aids. Short, "how-to" videos will soon be available on numerous social media sites like YouTube as well as the MR Direct website and Facebook page. It is our hope that these hands-on videos will leave no doubt on how to perform regular cleaning and achieve long-term protection of every style of sink we manufacture. Most sink materials require only simple routine maintenance, but each raw material has inherently distinct qualities which need to be addressed.

These maintenance videos are just the beginning! Watch for numerous exciting new videos covering a wide variety of topics and products in the near future.

March 31 2015
Dress Up That Stainless Steel Sink

Once that perfect stainless steel sink is decided upon, many assume the purchase is finished. Well, it might be for some, but beyond the obvious need for a faucet, which of course MR Direct carries in numerous styles, we also offer a number of accessories which many customers find extremely useful.

Beginning with the fundamentals, most prefer to add a strainer over the drain. MR Direct offers two styles. Our standard strainer is simple to assemble and install with a traditionally-designed removable receptacle. Our basket strainer offers a deep, metal basket, which sits inside the main body and holds considerably more waste. If no garbage disposal is in place, this larger receptacle is usually preferred to catch more waste during food prep.

Speaking of preparing food, most stainless steel models have custom-fitted grids and cutting boards available. Our grids are stainless, durable and complete with rubber feet which keep the platform just above the sink bottom. This is especially convenient for draining items and avoiding food contamination. Our natural wood cutting boards securely rest over each basin and are available in either a light-colored rubberwood or dark-colored sapele wood. Both are beautiful hardwoods, resistant to moisture and mold.

So don't rush off with an under-dressed sink. Accessorize with MR Direct for beauty and functionality.

February 27 2015
MR Direct's Large Variety of Materials

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, MR Direct International is a supplier and distributor of its own distinctive brand of superior-quality sinks and faucets. Our sinks are constructed in a broad range of durable materials and in a variety of exciting styles. Likewise, our selection of faucet designs for the kitchen and bath is not only intriguing, but extensive.

Because our products are sold directly to customers with no “middle man,” prices are maintained at a very affordable level. When an order is placed, in most cases, it will be shipped the same day. All products are fully-tested and covered by our limited lifetime warranty. MR Direct is a dynamic company, developing and introducing new models on a regular basis. There is little doubt that we are the quality, affordable source for the latest in functional and fashionable sinks and faucets.

January 30 2015
Big Win in Vegas!

One can never anticipate the true value of attending a tradeshow, but if the turnout at the MR Direct booth during KBIS 2015 is any indication, visitors and MR Direct personnel alike came away from this event as big winners.

The many compliments our team of professionals received from show-goers were not only humbling, but rewarding, as we came to realize that our efforts are indeed meeting many of our customer's needs. Attendees were impressed by the numerous products added to our collection since last year's show. Items like the stunningly elegant V2102 porcelain vessel, the trendy apron-style sinks in brilliant stainless steel, and even our simple grid drains in three metallic finishes all caused visitors to take note.

The MR Direct staff was amazed at the non-stop flow of traffic through our display area. Many old friends came by to share their expertise and many more new friends were made. We learned of new paths the industry may be following in the near future and what trends may have run their course. These insights will continue to help us to serve our customers.

All-in-all, KBIS 2015 was a win for everyone involved, and you can bet we'll be back next year.

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