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July 1 2014
Leave No Stone Untrimmed

When you are in the market for a stone sink, countertop, or another rock-solid piece of home décor, you should expect to find a quality product. The Stone Fabricators Alliance was established to guide the stone industry through the maze of new techniques and technologies that help create superior stone fabrication. As an association of expert stone craftsmen operated totally by volunteers, this alliance endeavors to share its expertise in order to maintain and enhance its old world art.

Businesses can often find members of this group presenting free seminars and workshops at tradeshows and conventions. Companies who are involved in all facets of the stone fabricating industry benefit from the education which the SFA provides, enabling them to understand what is involved in the creation of stone products, how to detect flaws, and what buying trends are hitting the market.

MR Direct is proud to be a member and contributor to the alliance's online forums where businesses and consumers alike can share their expertise and opinions. Customers, like those who purchase sinks and faucets from MR Direct, can also visit the SFA website to locate reputable quality stone fabricators nearest to them and learn how to find other reliable stone products for the home. It's organizations like the SFA that keep the whole stone fabrication industry producing the highest quality products, which ultimately creates complete customer satisfaction.

July 1 2014
New V2102 - A Porcelain Doll

The latest addition to the MR Direct line of porcelain vessel sinks is the V2102 model. As one of our larger porcelain offerings, the V2102 generally compares to our V210 model in style and oval shape, but the dimensions have changed somewhat significantly. Its elegant sweeping curves and superior finish invite you to think of it as a fine piece of art rather than a simple sink.

This new vessel sink also offers a pre-drilled faucet hole which allows for the installation of any of the numerous styles of single-handle, vessel, and lavatory faucets. It also comes with an overflow hole so the bowl can be filled safely using our special pop-up drain. As with all porcelain vessel sinks, installation is simple and requires no additional hardware. All-in-all, if you desire to make an artistic statement in your bath through the use of porcelain, the graceful V2102 is simply a doll.

July 1 2014
AIA Convention 2014

MR Direct was proud to be one of the exhibitors at this year's American Institute of Architects convention. Running from June 26-28 in Chicago's McCormick Place, this show offered visitors the opportunity to view the latest designs in architectural products. New materials, trends, and intriguing technologies stirred the imagination led by MR Direct who showcased its impressive lines of sinks, faucets, and interactive, virtual-reality innovations.

The Solera kiosk allowed visitors to conveniently scroll through images and detailed information on all MR Direct products on a large touch screen. Architects and designers alike were also fascinated by the exclusive MR Direct app, Home Reality, which was available for hands-on operation via iPads and Androids. With access to the complete MR Direct collection of sinks, as well as a library of hundreds of countertops, Home Reality allows prospective customers to view any sink with any countertop, in their very own kitchen or bath setting - virtually.

MR Direct works closely with architects, home-builders and remodelers to fill their present needs, and those they expect to encounter in the future. AIA Expo attendees learned about recent solutions MR Direct has furnished to the industry including smaller stainless steel and porcelain sink models to fit the limited space of today's smaller dwellings, retro sink designs in newer materials such as stainless steel and copper, and an ever-expanding line of distinctive glass vessel sinks with matching waterfall faucets.

May 30 2014
A Double-Wide for Narrow Spaces

MR Direct is growing again. Our line of beautiful stainless steel sinks now includes the 530L, which will be replacing the 528L. As one of the smaller stainless steel offerings, it is specially designed to fill the need for an offset, double-bowl sink when faced with limited space.

Measuring 27½'' overall, both bowls feature broad curved corners for easy water flow and cleaning. The left bowl is 14'' x 16'', the right is 10½'' x 16'', and both flaunt an impressive 7¾'' depth with standard 3½'' offset drains. As with all MR Direct stainless steel sinks, the 530L is constructed of premium 304-grade, cold-rolled steel and is formed with the industry's standard 18-gauge thickness.

The 530L's visible exterior surface has a brushed-satin finish which not only adds to its beauty, but helps hide minor scratches which could occur over time. It's hidden underside has sound dampening pads to reduce noise and a barrier coating to prevent condensation.

All these features make the 530L a premier new member of the MR Direct line of stainless steel sinks.

May 30 2014
New Granite Vessel-Sink Lightens Up

MR Direct's stone vessel sink collection boasts sixteen beautiful models. Choices can be made from polished granite, marble, sandstone, or onyx. The newest addition to this line is the stunning 850-Tan granite model. In response to numerous requests for a granite bowl in a lighter, off-white tone, the MR Direct design team went on the hunt and discovered this new, exciting option. A variegated pattern of pastels that hint of coral, olive, salmon and cream tones blend together to create an extraordinarily pleasing, tan appearance.

This newest vessel is designed to be paired with its matching stone-disc, waterfall faucet. The stunning combination allows water to cascade from the tall spout, over the granite plate, and into the stone bowl. The metal components of the faucet are available in one of three attractive MR Direct finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.

With its matching faucet or any vessel-style spout, this new 850-Tan vessel sink is certain to make a solid artistic statement in your bathroom.

May 30 2014
Kids' Bathroom Encourages Good Hygiene

With a bit of planning and a few do-it-yourself hours, you can make your bathroom not only kid-friendly, but also kid-inviting. MR Direct knows that good hygiene practices start early in life, so we are offering a few creative suggestions to turn the room into one that is more enticing for the kids to use.

The key is to make it fun! This might revolve around a particular theme such as a cartoon character, animal, or setting. Accessories to fit the theme are usually readily available, such as shower curtains, toothbrushes, soap dispensers, window coverings, towels, etc. Whether theme-related or not, consider out-of-the-ordinary bold shapes and colors for the rugs, wallpaper patterns or light fixtures. Even some glass vessel sinks feature a spectacular color array that is fun for adults as well as the youngsters.

On a practical level, remember that the kids are shorter than you. Provide a decorative stool for them to easily reach the faucet, add an extender to the light switch, and lower one of the towel racks a few inches – filled only with their personal towels.

Finally, and most importantly, keep the little guys safe. Install non-slip bathmats and rugs, cap the electrical sockets, and lock cabinets that store dangerous items. Even a few, fun little changes should intrigue the toddlers enough to want to clean up daily.

May 1 2014
New TruGranite Sinks Slated for Immediate Debut

TruGranite sinks are already a phenomenal choice for the kitchen. Other sink materials have a hard time measuring up to TruGranite's superiority in so many categories. As a granite composite (80% Quartzite/20%Acrylic), TruGranite offers the most durable surface available for the kitchen. It is extremely heat-resistant, up to 550 degrees. It is nearly impossible to scratch or stain. Acidic foods and strong detergents will not mar the surface. It is very quiet, no extra sound-dampening pads are necessary. And finally, it is bio-active. Because it is infused with silver ions during construction, any bacteria that may try to inhabit the sink will have a short life.

With all these amazing features, its hard to overlook an MR Direct, TruGranite sink. And now it is available in all five styles, in our newest and coolest, warm color – slate.

May 1 2014
Cutting Boards on the Cutting Edge

Our light, Natural cutting board is made of rubberwood, which comes from the rubber tree. Until it is about thirty years old, this tree produces a sap called latex that later forms rubber. When sap production ceased, the tree used to be cut down and discarded for firewood. However, over the last few decades, its attractiveness and density has been noticed, leading it to be cultivated and used increasingly in furniture, flooring, and cutting boards.

The darker, Sapele cutting board comes from the tree of the same name. Sapele wood is sometimes referred to as African mahogany, and it deserves this moniker. It has a similar reddish-brown appearance and its grain is even tighter than genuine mahogany.

May 1 2014
A Rock-Solid Pairing

Raw, functional, and rustically beautiful, stone basins continue to grow in popularity, and it is easy to understand why. Cut from nature, the ambiance created by a stone vessel bowl in the bath is simple and charming. And at MR Direct, that atmosphere can be further enhanced with a matching waterfall faucet.

Whether the sink you choose is granite, onyx, marble or sandstone, the distinctive waterfall faucet is designed to match it. Of course any MR Direct vessel-style faucet with more traditional spouts may nicely complement your stone basin as well, but the waterfall design is simply stunning. This tall metal fixture gracefully bends over the basin and features a slender, joystick-style toggle at the top to control water flow and temperature. Around the neck of the shaft is a disc measuring seven inches in diameter that is made of the same stone as your bowl. When turned on, water cascades from the tall spout, over the stone plate, and into the stone bowl. The metal components of the faucet are available in one of three attractive finishes: chrome, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

This exquisite combination, offered exclusively by MR Direct, is a perfect choice when a rustic bathroom décor of distinction is desired.

April 1 2014
Five New Porcelain Vessels

MR Direct is very proud to announce the redesign of five porcelain sinks. Though modeled after vessel sinks already in our line, the five sinks sport new dimensions. These sink models are designed to accommodate the consumer who may have admired a particular style, but found it too small or too large for his needs. Porcelain remains a very popular choice, second only to stainless steel, therefore MR Direct has decided to meet the demand for new offerings.

Available in either a white or bisque finish, these new vessels, like all our porcelain sinks, are made from vitreous china, the superior grade ceramic in the industry. That means you get a smoother, more durable, and stain-resistant finish than some ceramic sinks on the market.

The features of these new designs cover all needs. Three sinks have pre-drilled faucet holes, providing the option to choose between a single-handle or vessel-style faucet. The two bowls without cutouts can be paired with one of our lofty vessel faucets. Additionally, three models feature an overflow. All styles match up beautifully with our attractive chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze finished faucets and pop-up drains.

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