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December 31 2014
MR Direct Heading to Vegas!

The New Year begins with a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, for our team of MR Direct professionals. The occasion is KBIS 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This show drew record numbers of attendees in 2014 and is expected to exceed them again this year.

KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) is held in conjunction with the IBS (International Builder's Show) making for a mega-event which gives visitors the opportunity to see new products from all facets of the kitchen and bath industries.

MR Direct will be showcasing samples from all eight lines of its kitchen and bath sinks, including many of the new designs we’ve developed over the past year. Some of these new models include the V2102 - a very wide, oval, porcelain sink; the 530L - a dual-bowl, stainless steel sink for smaller kitchens; the 824 - a D-shaped TruGranite sink, which is available in all six colors, including our newest, Slate. Additionally, our distinctive faucets for kitchen, bath and shower, will be on display for an in-person inspection. Of course our kiosk and Home Reality app will be available for hands-on use as well, giving visitors a look at some of our most innovative marketing tools.

Stop by our booth #N3105, January 20-22, 2015, to visit old friends or make new ones. Our professionals would love to answer any questions and discuss the latest industry trends.

December 31 2014
Home Reality App Upgraded

MR Direct is proud to announce that one of its most intriguing marketing aids will undergo significant enhancement. We're speaking of our extraordinary Home Reality app which has been developed by the MR Direct technology team and has already been received by the sink/faucet industry with high praise and fascination.

With this newest update, prospective customers will be able to scroll through the entire MR Direct catalog of sinks and an extended library of popular countertops, viewing their selections in the kitchen or bath setting of their very own home - virtually. This break-through technology of MR Direct's Home Reality App can be downloaded for free at the Apple App Store for your iPad, and at the Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store for Androids.

Industry marketers have been clamoring for a sales tool that gives the customer the ability to envision what a sink of their choice would actually look like in their home before making a purchase. Now the full MR Direct collection is at the fingertips of the iPad and Android user alike. Whether shopping online or in-store, whether a home re-modeler or a commercial contractor, this app will bring the product to virtual life on site.

December 9 2014
Price Changes for the Copper Sinks

MR Direct copper kitchen sinks are as compelling as they ever were. Constructed from the purest mined copper available, each model is finished by the hands of a skilled artisan. Not one of the hammer marks seen on each model are pressed into the metal by mass-production machinery. Instead, they are punched by individuals, one stroke at a time. This is a highly-skilled, labor-intensive process which is difficult to accelerate, but which results in a truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind sink.

It seems many consumers appreciate this craftsmanship, as our factory can barely keep up with the orders we have been receiving. Although we tried to escape the laws of supply and demand, we regretfully cannot do so any longer. Therefore, the pricing structure of the MR Direct copper kitchen sinks has had to incur an increase. This does not affect the pricing of copper bathroom basins at this time.

MR Direct understands that this may cause a hardship for your business, and we are truly sympathetic to any inconvenience this action may cause. We had refrained from any increases in price, for any of our products, for quite some time; but production costs and time now prohibit any further delay.

MR Direct has always strived to offer our customers the best products at the best prices, and we are certain that we still meet these goals.

We hope you appreciate MR Direct's efforts to be as direct and upfront as possible about this change. Please contact your MR Direct representative to avoid any disruption to your business, and thank you for being a loyal customer.

Check below for a list of affected sinks.

December 1 2014
Sinks Will Fit Down the Chimney, Santa Says!

Time to pick your favorite stainless steel, porcelain or TruGranite sink before Santa's sleigh takes flight!

The clean, crisp look of an MR Direct, shimmering, stainless steel sink can last a lifetime. Formed from a single sheet of premium, 304-grade steel; one of these basins is more reliable than Rudolph. The brushed-satin finish masks any minor scratches. And, sound-dampening pads and underside insulation, keep the sink quiet and dry. Let's hope Santa can claim the same!

As traditional as the holiday celebrations themselves are; porcelain has been the premier material of choice in sinks, seemingly forever. While Santa may check his list twice, MR Direct fires and glazes its porcelain three times, until it transforms into true, vitreous china. Its high-gloss finish is not only spectacular in appearance, but also in its durability.

Now available in six different colors, the granite composite of TruGranite sinks withstands all types of potential abuse. Stain-resistant, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and quiet -- we'd bet these bowls could even withstand a kick to the drain from a disgruntled reindeer! Without a doubt, the new, non-traditional star in kitchen sinks is this quartz/acrylic blend from MR Direct. Even Mrs. Claus has her eye on one.

Don't forget an MR Direct faucet makes a perfect stocking stuffer too!

October 31 2014
Grid Drains for Copper and Bronze Vessels

Pop-up drains allow a sink to be filled with water and released. But many consumers have no need for this function. Therefore, MR Direct recently introduced grid-style drains. These drains allow water to pass through while catching any debris. They are available in three different finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. What may not have been made readily-apparent at the time of their introduction, is that one of these finishes is the perfect choice for our copper and bronze sinks.

The oil-ribbed bronze finish, not only works well with many glass, stone, and porcelain models; but it makes a color-coordinated, artistic statement with copper and bronze basins. The reddish-brown tone of this drain blends beautifully with the natural colorings of these two classic sink materials.

The oil-rubbed bronze grid drain is both durable and handsome. It is constructed of the same rugged materials used in our pop-ups. The only difference between the two styles is the obvious; fixed grid holes appear in place of the pressure sensitive cap. It should be noted that the grid drain comes in two forms relevant to type of sink it is used in - with an overflow or without. Solid brass construction, easy and reliable installation, and full coverage under the MR Direct one-year warranty, are further reasons to match your copper or bronze sink with a new oil-rubbed bronze grid drain.

October 31 2014
cUPC - A Plumbing, Not Bar, Code

Most likely, anyone who hears the term "UPC" will think of that pattern of lines on the bottom of almost anything we purchase today. Well, that may be true, but in the world of plumbing products, it means something very different.

The UPC letters are an acronym for the "Uniform Plumbing Code". This code is a listing of particular specifications and guidelines set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which are designed to assure users that products are safe for the consumer and the environment by meeting all established national and international standards. The "c" in cUPC means that the product meets the Canadian as well as the American plumbing standards.

Certification, which gives the manufacturer the right to display the cUPC logo with its product, is earned or denied through a testing process. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, Research and Testing Inc. (IAMPO R&T) is the premier agency assigned to verify compliance with the UPC. Products which are already on market shelves, and others removed from company stock, are inspected and tested in this lab.

Bottom line, the cUPC is designed to provide safe and sanitary plumbing products to the public. At MR Direct, we are extremely proud to note that more than 50 of our stainless steel sinks have now attained the cUPC certification, while the remainder are still being evaluated in the test center. Many of our faucets, as well, are similarly certified or are in the process becoming so. We just wanted you to know.

September 30 2014

If you came by to visit us at McCormick Place in Chicago last month, during the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) 2014 Convention and Exposition, we want to thank you. We had a great time visiting with old friends and new, discussing trends in our industry and how best to move forward as 2015 approaches.

At the moment, we're between shows. So, if you didn't have a chance to get to Chicago, why not start planning your trip to see us in Miami? We'll be exhibiting in the Miami Beach Convention Center for The International Surface Event-East. The TISE East show will run from the 19th through the 22nd. of October. This expo features a wide variety of stone products including tiles, countertops, and flooring for use in the kitchen and bath. The MR Direct line of stone vessel sinks will be on display for you to see and feel. Many are simply stunning, having been sculpted from marble, granite onyx and sandstone. We'll also be showing several sinks from our other extraordinary collections of stainless steel, copper, bronze, glass and porcelain. As well, you'll be able to personally review what we believe are some of the finest faucets available.

Visit our booth (#5027) at this year's TISE East show, and check out our stone creations and many of our other fine offerings. Any one of our friendly staff of trained professionals would love to talk shop, and give any advice they can to address your particular needs.

September 30 2014
A Beautiful Pink Day

It was a picture-perfect day for a run. Temperatures were in the mid-70s and bright sunshine splashed its warmth and hope over the record number of participants in this year's Toledo Area Komen Race for the Cure®. In the mix of over 20,000 entrants, was a team composed of MR Direct employees who volunteered to participate in this event. We are extremely proud to note that nearly half of our staff participated, even more made a financial contribution.

We know many of our colleagues and customers participated in this worthy race as well, or plan to when events are scheduled in their hometowns. We also know that many of us, or someone we are close to, has suffered from this dreaded disease. It's encouraging to know that strides have been made toward finding a cure, but we are all aware that much more research needs to be done.

Of course we hope the solution is found before next year's scheduled race, but if not, we pledge to continue doing our part by participating in events around the Toledo, Ohio area for as many years as necessary. We'd like to remind everyone that donations can be made online at any time, by visiting the Komen Race for the Cure website at: www.raceforthecure.org.

September 2 2014
New Grid Drain Introduced for Vessel Sinks

When an MR Direct vessel-style sink is purchased, our customers have typically been adding one of our distinctive pop-up drains to complete their package. With a simple press to the drain cap, the pop-up allows the bowl to be filled with water, or to have it released. However, many situations do not require that the sink have the ability to be closed for filling. For this market, MR Direct is proud to announce the addition of a new grid drain to be used with its vessel-style sinks. This grid will prevent waste materials from flowing down and potentially clogging plumbing further along the line.

This handsome device is just as durable and attractive as our pop-ups, and is available in all three standard finishes: chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. It is important to note that the grid drain comes in two functional designs, one for sinks with overflows, and one for those without. Both feature a 19-hole grid pattern, solid brass construction, are easy to securely install, and are covered under our one-year warranty.

If you are setting up an MR Direct vessel sink, which does not need to be filled with water, our new grid drain is the ideal finishing touch, which can be perfectly matched to the finish of any of our vessel faucets.

September 2 2014
Coming Soon - Two Key Tradeshow Appearances

If you have been hoping to have a chance to view the collections of MR Direct sinks and faucets in person, September and October are going to provide two great opportunities to do just that.

At the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago, on September 22 and 23, MR Direct will be participating in the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) 2014 Convention and Exposition. This event features several hundred companies who will be offering a broad spectrum of plumbing services or products ranging from air valves to water treatment equipment, and everything in-between. Two of those "in-between" products are the distinctive faucets and sinks which will be on display at the MR Direct booth. Several exciting new designs have been introduced in the past year, and they, along with samples from all our lines of sinks and faucets, will be available for a hands-on appraisal at Booth #2636.

In October we'll be heading south to the Miami Beach Convention Center for The International Surface Event-East. The TISE East show will run from the 19th through the 22nd. All nature of floor coverings, tiles and stone products, used in kitchen and bath design, will be on display. MR Direct will feature its extensive line of granite, marble, onyx and sandstone sinks. Additionally, visitors to our booth (#5027) can view numerous samples from our other extraordinary collections of sinks and faucets.

For an opportunity to see and evaluate our superior products in person, visit us at either of these upcoming shows, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals about your particular needs.

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