• Choosing Your Perfect Countertop from the 7 Most Popular Styles
    Choosing a countertop is a big deal. You’re gonna be living with it for a long time, so you need to get it right. There are often tradeoffs in the choices. One may have a dynamic appearance, but needs extensive maintenance. [read more]
  • Brighten Up Your Kitchen with the Right Light
    The kitchen has always had a vitality all its own. With so much of our lives being spent there, it should be a safe, inviting, and bright place. Most are, but if you have one that’s poorly lit, it can make chores more difficult and your mood dim. A simple lighting upgrade may be in order. [read more]
  • 12 Steps to Renovating Your Bathroom
    Any home renovation can be a rewarding experience when it’s done right. A bathroom remodel in particular has many facets to it, and so should follow a certain order of completion to be successful. Whether you’re making a few changes or doing a total rebuild, some things need to be handled ahead of others. [read more]
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How Can We Sell so Low ?

Since you buy directly from us, there is no "middle-man" to mark up prices. We beat competitors' pricing because we sell and ship straight from our warehouse, meaning you don't have to pay extra for things like distribution, or retail costs. With MR Direct, it's the better way to buy. [Learn more]

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    Sinks and faucets are manufactured following standards of precise automation.

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