• 5 Design Trends Guaranteed to Make Your Bathroom More Inviting
    Have you noticed that in new home construction, bathrooms are getting larger and larger? That’s because homeowners now prefer a spa-like atmosphere in their baths where they can linger and relax. This has sparked a number of new trends in how people plan their new bathrooms or remodel their existing ones. [read more]
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Garbage Disposal
    On average, garbage disposals are designed to last about 12 years. That’s not bad, but those lifespans can be extended much further if the disposals are treated right. Let’s take a look at the generally accepted DO’s and DON’Ts of operating a garbage disposal so you can learn how to make yours last as long as possible. [read more]
  • Choosing Your Perfect Countertop from the 7 Most Popular Styles
    Choosing a countertop is a big deal. You’re gonna be living with it for a long time, so you need to get it right. There are often tradeoffs in the choices. One may have a dynamic appearance, but needs extensive maintenance. [read more]
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Since you buy directly from us, there is no "middle-man" to mark up prices. We beat competitors' pricing because we sell and ship straight from our warehouse, meaning you don't have to pay extra for things like distribution, or retail costs. With MR Direct, it's the better way to buy. [Learn more]

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