• Why Is My Faucet Running So Slow?
    Low water pressure can be a real nuisance. Filling a pot with water can feel like you’re filling the tub, and filling the tub can make you think twice about even bothering. There are numerous causes of low pressure, so it’s best to approach solutions systematically from the easiest to the most difficult. [read more]
  • What’s Up with Those Tall Industrial- Looking Kitchen Faucets?
    They certainly have a dynamic look as they arch over a kitchen sink. They’re referred to as coil-spring or spring-spout faucets. The names come from the obviously high, curved spring that serves as a spout while supporting a flexible hose within. [read more]
  • How to Hire a Reliable Kitchen or Bath Remodeler
    So you’ve come to grips with the fact that your upcoming kitchen or bath overhaul is beyond your scope and needs a professional touch. But the thought of hiring a contractor brings to mind the numerous horror stories of friends and neighbors whose remodeling dreams turned into nightmares. [read more]
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How Can We Sell so Low ?

Since you buy directly from us, there is no "middle-man" to mark up prices. We beat competitors' pricing because we sell and ship straight from our warehouse, meaning you don't have to pay extra for things like distribution, or retail costs. With MR Direct, it's the better way to buy. [Learn more]

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    Sinks and faucets are manufactured following standards of precise automation.

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    Products are then inspected, packaged, and stored in our onsite warehouse.

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