16-Gauge Topmount Stainless Steel Sinks

Extra-Strength Functionality

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Time-Honored installation Method

Despite the increasing popularity of under-the-counter installations, traditional over-the-counter sinks remain a favorite. MR Direct offers 16-gauge, topmount, stainless steel, kitchen sinks for those in need of just a bit more durability. 16-gauge stainless steel is 25% thicker than the industry-standard, 18 gauge.

MR Direct Topmount 16-gauge sinks add a classic feel to any kitchen

MR Direct 16-gauge, drop in, stainless steel sinks are made to last. Many models have additional thicknesses available, as well. All sinks are manufactured using premium 304-grade, or 300-series stainless steel. Sound dampening pads on the exterior of these sinks diminish noise and a spray coating further prevents condensation. The metal is always brushed to provide an attractive and protective finish.

Our 16-gauge sinks can withstand the workload of any kitchen
Caring For Your 16-Gauge, Topmount Sink

To avoid water spots, the basin should be wiped with a soft cloth or sponge after each use. Regular cleaning with a mild soap and water will keep the stainless steel glistening. Abrasive cleansers and stiff bristle brushes should always be avoided. Harsh chemical formulations can also ruin the luster of metal.

Our topmount 16-gauge sinks are easy to maintain
Feature And Benefits Of 16-Gauge, Stainless Steel, Overmount Sinks
  • Heavy-duty gauge
  • Numerous formats
  • Quiet
  • Easy maintenance
  • No condensation
  • Accessories available
  • Lifetime warranty
Our 16-gauge topmount sinks come with many accessories and add-ons
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