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The Industry Standard

Only the finest quality, 304-grade, cold-rolled, stainless steel is used to form an 18-gauge, kitchen sink or bathroom sink from MR Direct. 18 gauge is considered the customary thickness for stainless steel throughout the kitchen and bath industry. An 18-gauge sink provides plenty of durability, being resistant to dents and corrosion, while heavy enough to keep noise to a minimum.

Our 18-Gauge sinks are made from high quality, cold rolled, 304-steel.
Stainless Steel Styles

All manner of sink styles can be found in an 18-gauge thickness. While our apron designs are only in a thicker 16 gauge; MR Direct offers 18-gauge, topmount, stainless steel sinks as well as 18-gauge, undermount, kitchen sinks in various formats. We even carry 18- gauge bar sinks and bathroom vessels. Whether configured as a single, double, equal, or offset sink; MR Direct provides a broad selection of 18-gauge, stainless steel sinks to choose from.

Many MR Direct sinks come in the classic 18-gauge style
Maintenance of an 18G Stainless Steel Sink

As with any MR Direct stainless steel model, an 18-gauge sink requires minimal care on a regular basis. In the least, a simple wipe-down with a soft cloth after each use will prevent water spots. A further weekly cleaning with a mild detergent will remove any lingering blemishes created by left-behind food scraps and spills. Keep it simple. There is no need for expensive, potentially corrosive cleaners. The attractive brushed satin finish of 18-gauge stainless steel will shine on with nominal effort.

Maintaining one of our stainless steel sinks is simple.
18 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink Features
  • Industry-standard durability
  • Resistance to staining, denting, and heat
  • Reduced noise
  • Stable with disposal use
  • Fitted accessories
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Our stainless steel sinks offer many advantages
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