3121L Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

46 Reviews
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The 3121L offset double bowl undermount sink is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel and is available in your choice of 18 or 16 gauge thicknesses. The surface has a brushed satin finish to help mask small scratches that occur over time and keep your sink looking beautiful for years. The overall dimensions of the 3121L are 31 1/2" x 20 7/8" x 9 1/4" and a 33" minimum cabinet size is required. This sink contains a 3 1/2" offset drain, is fully insulated and comes with sound dampening pads. As always, our stainless steel sinks are covered under a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the sink.
  • Undermount Installation
  • 33" Minimum Cabinet Size
  • 16 or 18 Gauge Available
  • Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel
  • Brushed-Satin Finish
  • Offset Drain 3 1/2"
  • Sound Dampening
  • Fully Insulated
  • Cutout Template
  • Hardware Included
  • cUPC Certified
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • 16- or 18-Gauge Steel Available
  • Certified High-Quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Satin Finish
  • Offset Drain
  • Thick Sound Dampener Rubber Pad
  • Fully Insulated
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Cardboard Cutout Template Included
  • Installation Hardware Included
  • cUPC Certified (Uniform Plumbing Code)
  • Lifetime Warranty
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46 Reviews
  • Arthur Sibley January 3, 2018
    5.0 stars
    Great purchase!
    Recently purchased the 3121L-16 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink and got it installed just a few days ago. Fantastic sink and really looks great. Order the drains and happy with those as well. Great quality and fast delivery!
  • Sue July 17, 2017
    5.0 stars
    Very happy with the quality of this product, especially considering the price. The selection they have is just amazing and it is very high quality. Don't be fooled by the really low prices, they sell only the top quality. I am lucky enough to live close to their showroom and have seen the vast majority of their merchandise in person. It is all amazing stuff!
  • Sheeba June 28, 2017
    5.0 stars
    Great product
    My customer loves it. I love that my customer is happy!
  • Lori June 21, 2017
    5.0 stars
    Very satisfied with the product. I received it in the day they said Ivwill get it when I order it.
  • Bev September 23, 2016
    5.0 stars
    Great deal!
    Smooth transaction, GREAT quality, and super fast shipping!
  • Sharon September 14, 2016
    5.0 stars
    Stainless Sink
    Great quality, delivered quickly, love it!
  • Kimberly July 14, 2016
    5.0 stars
    I was skeptical at first but products are awesome! I ordered a kitchen sink and faucet and they are both great quality. They were half the price of other stores so I was hesitant, but products are great. Buy with confidence people!!
  • Donna April 23, 2016
    5.0 stars
    Beautiful sink
    Great product. Packaged well and comes when they say it will. I always opt for the heavier steel and feel it is well worth it.
  • Kim March 3, 2016
    5.0 stars
    Excellent product Fast delivery!
    Great quality sink and received it wuthin 2 days of ordering! Highly recommend Nr Direct!
  • Lina February 20, 2016
    5.0 stars
    Kitchen sink
    Amazing products and quality. As an Interior Designer from Canada, I have bought kitchen sinks for my clients and picked up in Buffalo. This sink is for us as we are redoing our kitchen in the home we just purchased. Highly recommend 16 gauge Stainless Steel, thicker steel means stronger and better quality. Great service and excellent product
  • Nancy December 7, 2015
    5.0 stars
    3121L Stainless Steel sink
    I just got it installed and I love it. The size is great - Our large turkey roaster pan actually fit flat in the sink. I would highly recommend this sink - looks great with our granite countertops
  • Nancy November 18, 2015
    4.0 stars
    3121L Stainless Steel sink
    Since we haven't installed the sink yet I can't give it a full review but it did arrive quickly and looks really nice. Am anxious to see it installed in our new kitchen. I would recommend Mr. Direct. I would rate it a 5 star but since it isn't installed I'm rating just based on service and expectations.
  • Jodie November 16, 2015
    5.0 stars
    All items arrived fast and in perfect condition. Wonderful to find a company that reallllly Delivers!
  • Gunny November 26, 2014
    5.0 stars
    First Purchase
    The sink was delivered faster than it took to order it! We are waiting on "counter top" contractors to install the entire unit. I anticipate an awesome looking finished product.
  • Danielle November 25, 2014
    5.0 stars
    It's not installed yet, but it looks beautiful. Was packaged very securely and arrived quickly. I love the large side as my big roaster and a 9"X 13" pan will sit flat in the bottom of it for clean up, which is SO convenient. I'm hoping the smaller side will prove sufficient. If not, that's my fault for ordering this particular sink. The may be something for others to consider if they think it might be a problem.
  • Bob November 17, 2014
    5.0 stars
    Fast Delivery
  • Bill October 12, 2014
    5.0 stars
    good sink
    I am very pleased with this sink and this company. The sink was delivered very quickly and in good condition. The look and quality of the sink is as good as much more expensive sinks.
  • Charles April 1, 2014
    5.0 stars
    Great Deal
    Received A1 Price A1 Will use again
  • Jason L. December 30, 2013
    5.0 stars
    Sink Purchase
    The sink and accessories we purchased were of high quality and arrived on schedule as promised. The price was extremely competitive. Thanks.
  • Debbie B. December 2, 2011
    5.0 stars
    Coming from a manufacturing background, metal was part of my daily life for 25 years. When I started the search for a new sink, most sinks were 18 or worse yet 20 gauge! I wanted 16 gauge. All 16 gauge sinks I found, were priced well over double the price listed on your site. Hesitantly, I placed my order....it seemed almost too good to be true. When the order arrived (on time), it was exactly what I was looking for....wow! Sometimes, too good to be true exist! Will definitely use your products in the future.
  • Mark Alexander November 9, 2011
    5.0 stars
    Very nice sink, nice size and received the next day. Happy with purchase.
  • karen r. October 3, 2011
    5.0 stars
    WE ordered this sink on a Monday and received it on a Thursday. We are very pleased the sink.
  • gary roberts April 19, 2011
    5.0 stars
  • Dan L. April 1, 2011
    5.0 stars
    We had looked at several other sinks by a variety of manufacturers, before settling on the 3121L we purchased from MR Direct. The design was exactly what we were looking for in an undermount sink, and the heavier gauge steel and insulation were features that were rare in other sinks, even at twice the price. We asked the installation team who put in the sink with our new granite counter-tops what they thought, and they were surprised that we got such a nice unit for such a reasonable price. They were guessing it cost $150-200 more than what we paid, even including all the accessories. We are very pleased, thank you.
  • Marc S. March 28, 2011
    5.0 stars
    Arrived quickly. Still not sure why someone would pay three times the cost of this sink at the home center for a lesser 18 gauge model. The only issue I found was the cut out template it came with wasn't exactly accurate. Check it against the actual sink before making your cut. No big deal, I just made my own by tracing out the sink against the side of the cardboard box it shipped in.
  • Laura H. January 29, 2011
    5.0 stars
    I am very pleased with the product itself. Excellent quality! I received my sink within 3 days of ordering! Thank you so much! I will be recommending MR. Direct Sinks and Faucets to friends and family members.
  • James E. November 10, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Love the sink. Why pay $300 plus for the same thing? We got the small cutting board, but remember with undermount, if your countertop overlaps, it won't fit the sink. Still good, though. Skip the other accessories, but buy the sink, you will be happy! This was the best bargain we found in all our remodeling.
  • James E. September 11, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Arrived in two days in perfect shape. Not installed yet, but looks great and the price is less than a third of the box store.
  • APRIL L C. July 14, 2010
    5.0 stars
    We had been using a similar product in our showroom for our granite tops. A customer actually told me about MR Direct and we made our first purchase a couple of months ago. I must say that we are very pleased with the product and pricing. With this bad economy we are able to save money for our small company. Thanks MR Direct!!
  • Dennis M. June 7, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Great looking sink, great price! I was looking for some advice on whether it was necessary to purchase a quality stainless sink from a known manufacturer like Franke or if the same quality could be achieved by purchasing it from MR Direct. I couldn't find any conclusive info from anyone so I went with the MR Direct and so far so good. The only problem was that the clips that came along with the product were, according to the contractor who installed the sink, quite shoddy. He needed to use other screws in addition to the ones supplied. It seems to be sturdy, looks great and works well - all for about $200 less than the least expensive Franke that I could find anywhere. Go for it!
  • Ludmila Khodorkovsky April 27, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Good sink and good service. Get offer from a granite place on similar sink 18 gauge without strainers or grids for 400$ + Tax. On MR Direct I get everything including shipping for 176$ and sink is 16 gauge steel. They accidentally send me wrong grid for a small bowl. I called and had email with prepaid UPS label for return within 2 hours. I had new grid within 3 days. I cannot wait for installation day. Will defiantly order from this site again.
  • Victoria S. April 18, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Looks great and arrived fast! Our contractor was surprized with the price and impressed.
  • Kevin M. April 14, 2010
    5.0 stars
    This is the one time that "too good to be true" is wrong. This was "true and great." We ordered online, it was delivered within days without any issues and looks great. We have not installed the sink yet, but have no doubt that it will look fantastic in our new kitchen. Thanks MR Direct.
  • Carlos C S. April 7, 2010
    5.0 stars
    just got the product and it is exactly what they advertise and what we need it. Quality is amazing can wait to see it install on my B&B in Costa Rica
  • Michael M. April 7, 2010
    5.0 stars
    This was my first transaction with MR Direct and everything went smoothly. Very impressed with the quality, price and quick delivery.
  • Loren Louiseau March 23, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Product was delivered fast and was exactly as described. The best aspect of the product was the price. This product was less than half of what you would normally pay. The product came with a sturdy template and provide two different ways to mount the sink. I am very happy with the product and the service. Excellent company.
  • Kathy C. March 18, 2010
    5.0 stars
    It's perfect! Thanks. My contractor was very impressed with the quality and amazed at the price. I'll definitely order from you again.
  • Jason B. March 4, 2010
    5.0 stars
    First time experience buying from MR Direct, AWESOME!. Sink looks great. Shipping was fast. Haven't put it in yet b/c waiting for countertop 3/25/10 but I know it's going to look ALL good. Left side of the tub is pretty big and the right side is just perfect; not too small not too big. I LOVE IT!!!
  • Ann S. February 5, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Fantastic service and great quality compared to other sinks we looked at. And the price is unbeatable. Great company, we will be ordering from you again!
  • Marianne J. January 26, 2010
    5.0 stars
    The sink in beautiful, and it arrive ahead of schedule. We couldn\'t be happier.
  • Robyn W. January 26, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Great product. Looks good and good quality. Super fast shipping. Hundreds less than the big stores. Highly recommend.
  • Tina Kelly January 22, 2010
    5.0 stars
    Sink is beautiful. No one can believe what I paid. Prompt shipping. Thank you!
  • Roy Cavanaugh January 19, 2010
    5.0 stars
    I received the sink with a small dent. Box was damaged too so obvious dropped or something during shipping. Called MR Direct and they sent a new one t
  • Robert S. Bedard January 17, 2010
    5.0 stars
    I received my sink much faster than I expected! The sink is absoutely beautiful and I am very pleased with the 16 guage stainless. It hasn\'t been installed yet because we are waithing for our new countertops. I\'m certain that I will be very pleased with this sink for years to come.
  • Katherine Hien December 23, 2009
    5.0 stars
    I just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to do business with you. I placed my order on Thursday afternoon, forgot an item so I called to add it to the order. The girl was very pleasant and knowledgeable, and took care of my request immediately. I received my packages at 7:30am on Saturday! I couldn’t believe it! And the merchandise was absolutely beautifully crafted. All your people are to be commended on their great craftsmanship, and efficient procedures. I have already recommended your company to my contractor, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and several friends. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Katherine Hien
  • Kyle Utah October 21, 2008
    4.0 stars
    Kyle Utah
    I received the sink with a small dent. Box was damaged too so obvious dropped or something during shipping. Called MR Direct and they sent a new one the same day for free. I was very happy with the customer service person and quick response to replace the damaged sink. Keep up the good work.
  • What size Sink Base Cabinet is needed for this sink?
    This sink requires a minimum 33" sink base cabinet.
  • Is 16 gauge stainless steel thicker or thinner than 18 gauge stainless steel?
    16 gauge stainless steel is 25% thicker than 18 gauge stainless steel.
  • How many strainers do I need to purchase?
    If you have a garbage disposal in one bowl, you will need to purchase 1 strainer for the other bowl. If you do not have a garbage disposal, you will need to purchase 2 strainers.
  • Can a garbage disposal be installed in this sink?
    Yes. A garbage disposal can be installed in either bowl.
  • What type of wood is used to make your cutting boards?
    Our light, Natural cutting board is made of rubberwood from the latex-producing rubber tree. Our dark, Sapele cutting board is made of wood from the sapele tree, which is in the mahogany family. Both are dense hardwoods with a natural resistance to moisture, molds and fungus.
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3121L Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
3121L Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
This Product
$ 124
  • $124.00
  • Limited Lifetime
  • 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • 9 1/4" (L), 7" (R)
  • 16- or 18-Gauge Available
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