801-Slate Double Offset Bowl TruGranite Sink

5 Reviews
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$ 249
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  • Grids
  • Cutting Boards
  • Rolling Grids
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The TruGranite 801-Slate offset double bowl undermount sink is made from a granite composite material that is comprised of 80% Quartz and 20% Acrylic. The non-porous finish of our TruGranite sinks gives it anti-bacterial properties. Aside from being anti-bacterial, the 801-Slate is stain and scratch resistant and can resist heat up to 550 degrees. The overall dimensions of the sink are 32 1/2" x 20 3/8" x 9 1/2" and a 33" minimum cabinet size is required. The sink contains a 3 1/2" offset drain and is available in multiple colors. As always, our TruGranite sinks are covered under a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the sink.
  • Undermount Installation
  • 33" Minimum Cabinet Size
  • 80% Quartzite 20% Acrylic
  • Heat Resistant to 550°
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Cutout Template
  • Hardware Included
  • cUPC Certified
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Undermount Installation
  • Made with 80% Quartzite, 20% Acrylic
  • All-Natural Materials - Eco-Friendly and Recyclable
  • Offset Drain
  • Heat Resistant to 550 Degrees
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Installation Hardware Included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Acrylic Provides Sound Dampening - No Pads Needed
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5 Reviews
  • Philip Fasullo March 8, 2018
    5.0 stars
    New home purchase
    Everything came in packaged nicely. I have not installed or used yet. It is for my new home being built. Fast delivery.
  • Christie July 12, 2017
    5.0 stars
    Compliments granite countertops nicely!!
    Love this sink! The color accents our granite countertops very well and the TRUgranite material is awesome. We are extremely pleased with the product and the service at MR Direct.
  • Marshall May 5, 2016
    5.0 stars
    Sink came quickly without any issues.
  • Dale August 1, 2015
    5.0 stars
    I ordered the 801-Slate Double Offset Bowl TruGranite Sink with 2 matching drains. Top quality sink and it matches everything perfectly. Great company to do business with. Customer service was outstanding. Shipping was super fast. Ordered sink on a Tuesday and had it on Thursday. I checked around other places including local suppliers and no one could match the price....great value, top quality product for the money. Couldn't be more pleased this transaction and I highly recommend MrDirect to anyone. Will definitely go to them first for future products of this type.
  • Sue October 24, 2014
    4.0 stars
    Sink is beautiful with my new countertop
    I do have to say I had a difficult time with one employee about doing an exchange because I was confused about the color, but another employee called and was wonderful to me. I received the sink I wanted, but it was cracked. So I called and she actually had one delivered the very next day. It was awesome. I would recommend to my family and friends.
  • What size Sink Base Cabinet is needed for this sink?
    This sink requires a minimum 33" sink base cabinet.
  • How many strainers do I need to purchase?
    You will need to purchase 2 TruGranite or Basket Strainers. No strainers are included with the purchase of this sink. If you have a garbage disposal, you will need to purchase a TruGranite Flange for the garbage disposal and a TruGranite Strainer for the opposing side.
  • Why is there no option for the Standard Strainer?
    Due to the thickness of the sink, the Standard Strainer is not compatible. All of our TruGranite sinks require either a TruGranite Strainer, TruGranite Flange, or a stainless steel Basket Strainer.
  • Can a garbage disposal be installed in this sink?
    Yes. A garbage disposal can be installed in either bowl.
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801-Slate Double Offset Bowl TruGranite Sink
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$ 249
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  • Limited Lifetime
  • 80% Quartzite 20% Acrylic
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