Bamboo Bathroom

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Eco-Friendly and Durable

Bamboo has a number of inherently premium qualities. It is a very renewable resource due to its rapid growth cycle and proliferation. After being separated into thin strips, it is layered and trimmed into a vessel basin shape. The result is a sink with tremendous tensile strength and water resistance. Its density rivals most hardwood trees. With a final lamination and hand-sanding, the exotic beauty and functionality of this plant is on full display.

MR Direct bamboo sinks are an environmentally sound choice for any bath
Bamboo Vanity Sink Styles & Mounting

The MR Direct line of bamboo bathroom sinks includes basins that vary in appearance. Thick or thin, round or square, each features an intricate pattern of layered bamboo with multiple shades of the ochre-colored plant. The strips seem to coalesce into a simulated woodgrain appearance. These bamboo vessel sinks for the bath will certainly draw the attention of guests as they set upon the vanity.

Bamboo vessels with matching waterfall faucets bring simple delight
Simple Maintenance

A bamboo sink from MR Direct does not require intense maintenance. Cleaning is as easy as applying a mild detergent with water and washing it down. After a quick rinse, the luster of bamboo resurfaces. A wipe down with a soft cloth after each use will help prevent any blemishes from developing.

Bamboo vessels are available in four distinctive designs
Features of Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Sinks
  • Exotic charm
  • Eco-friendly
  • Inherently durable
  • Hand-sanded
  • Naturally water-resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Discover the exotic allure of real bamboo in the bath