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Have you noticed that in new home construction, bathrooms are getting larger and larger? That’s because homeowners now prefer a spa-like atmosphere in their baths where they can linger and relax. This has sparked a number of new trends in how people plan their new bathrooms or remodel their existing ones.
On average, garbage disposals are designed to last about 12 years. That’s not bad, but those lifespans can be extended much further if the disposals are treated right. Let’s take a look at the generally accepted DO’s and DON’Ts of operating a garbage disposal so you can learn how to make yours last as long as possible.
Choosing a countertop is a big deal. You’re gonna be living with it for a long time, so you need to get it right. There are often tradeoffs in the choices. One may have a dynamic appearance, but needs extensive maintenance.
The kitchen has always had a vitality all its own. With so much of our lives being spent there, it should be a safe, inviting, and bright place. Most are, but if you have one that’s poorly lit, it can make chores more difficult and your mood dim. A simple lighting upgrade may be in order.
Any home renovation can be a rewarding experience when it’s done right. A bathroom remodel in particular has many facets to it, and so should follow a certain order of completion to be successful. Whether you’re making a few changes or doing a total rebuild, some things need to be handled ahead of others.
Many of us have kitchens that lack space so it’s in our best interest to make them as efficient and functional as possible. Pull-out shelves and lazy susans can work wonders, but specific problem areas can be addressed with some proven quick and inexpensive fixes.
So, you’re sick of your bathroom’s tired appearance, but the money is just not there to remodel. It’s true, renovations can be costly, but there are some very inexpensive ways to freshen up the bath until you can afford a major makeover.
Like any appliance, your hot water heater will grow old and wear out. But before it reaches a disastrous sudden death, you should learn the warning signs that it’s critically ill.
Low water pressure can be a real nuisance. Filling a pot with water can feel like you’re filling the tub, and filling the tub can make you think twice about even bothering. There are numerous causes of low pressure, so it’s best to approach solutions systematically from the easiest to the most difficult.
They certainly have a dynamic look as they arch over a kitchen sink. They’re referred to as coil-spring or spring-spout faucets. The names come from the obviously high, curved spring that serves as a spout while supporting a flexible hose within.
So you’ve come to grips with the fact that your upcoming kitchen or bath overhaul is beyond your scope and needs a professional touch. But the thought of hiring a contractor brings to mind the numerous horror stories of friends and neighbors whose remodeling dreams turned into nightmares.
How do you know when it’s time to set the plunger aside and instead, take the plunge of buying a new toilet? Usually it’s when a serious problem forces you into the decision. That may be too late. Some toilet problems are an easy fix; others are a clear signal that it’s time to replace.