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April 5, 2016
By definition, the half bath may be small physically, but it can pack quite a creative punch. With a little
The master bath. The little oasis of the home, designed to meet personal needs. If yours is not as inviting as you would prefer,
April 4, 2016
It may come as a surprise to many, but you can paint your old kitchen and bathroom sinks – even your counter tops. This would have
April 4, 2016
With spring just around the corner, the thought of an outdoor kitchen may become more and more appealing as the warm weather approaches.
In many of today's homes, the kitchen has become the hub of family activities and so efforts are ongoing to make this room ever more
If you have children, its likely you want them to have a bathroom that is safe, with accessible fixtures, and an inviting atmosphere
Many families have hectic schedules with calendars filled with sports practice, music lessons, evening meetings and weekend camping.
April 1, 2016
Making a bold statement in your kitchen is easy with the right finishing touches. Large appliances and lavish light fixtures are great,
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March 15, 2016
Historically, the kitchen backsplash has been merely a device of function; almost an afterthought as far as kitchen design was concerned. It used to be built with any water-resistant material that could be washed of the soap, water or food that might splatter outside of the sink itself. Usually, that substance was as simple as a coat of semi-gloss paint on the back wall. In the post WWII era it was common to apply a laminate to the wall, edged with stainless steel, that matched the countertop pattern. Many older porcelain sinks had their own backsplash that swept upwards to give of a few inches of ceramic protection against the back wall. Well, times have indeed changed and the backsplash is now a key consideration when designing a kitchen.