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  • Copper
March 22, 2016
The apron, or farmhouse sink, is making a nostalgic comeback in kitchens across America. If you are one of the many who is designing a kitchen with this style of sink in mind, here are a few historical, and practical, things to consider before making your decision.
  • Accessories
March 22, 2016
All companies are proud of their awards, affiliiations and accreditations. Rightly so. This recognition by established authorities can be a major influence on a consumer's buying decision. Therefore manufacturing and service-oriented companies alike will frequently list those significant business connections on their websites or in their literature. Often this is done by displaying their logos. Sometimes their acronyms are used in the text. However they are displayed, it is presumed that everyone knows the company behind those trademarks or initials. Of course, some consumers in the same line of work will be familiar with these organizations, but not all. And, even if they do recognize the name of an organization, they may not know its relationship to the business that is listing it.