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We hope this message reaches you and your family in safe conditions amid the health concerns affecting our communities.

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8 Myths About Vessel Sinks Debunked
July 3, 2017

Vessel sinks evoke a range of emotions from homeowners, industry professionals, designers, and customers alike. Sometimes that emotion is adoration, and sometimes it's a skeptical aversion.

If you're in the skeptic's camp, here are the 8 most common objections to vessel sinks. Better yet, here's why they're mistaken.

Myth # 1: Splashing. As a whole, vessel sinks should require a "soak zone" warning as if the bathroom is a secret location for a SeaWorld show.

The reality: The preventative key here is proper (and in some cases, professional) installation. A vessel faucet that's installed at the proper height and placement will not splash.

Myth # 2: Instability. Because the narrow bottom of a vessel rests on top of a small drain hole, they're not as stable as an undermount sink - which is installed so that the entire rim of the sink makes contact with the countertop.

The reality: Once again, proper installation greatly reduces this concern. Most professionals install a sink mounting ring underneath rounded vessel sinks. The ring is positioned over the drain opening and securely seals the sink to the countertop. The rings are small enough to go unnoticed and come in various finishes to match your faucet.

Myth # 3: They are too fragile and prone to chipping.

The reality: Because of the wide selection of vessel sinks, many materials are durable enough for everyday use in the bathroom. Consider pure bronze, copper, or stone sinks that are cut from slabs of granite.

Even glass vessel sinks are made from tempered glass, which means they're manufactured with controlled thermal and chemical treatments to increase strength and durability. Porcelain vessel sinks are made from triple-glazed and fired mixtures of clay (called vitreous china) to increase their sturdiness.

Myth # 4: There is no overflow.

The reality: Many porcelain models do contain overflow relief drains.

Myth # 5: The "designer" look of vessel sinks must come with an expensive price tag.

The reality: No way! There are plenty of gorgeous vessel sink options that cost less than an evening out at a restaurant - some as low as $40.

Myth # 6: The taller rims are issues for shorter folks.

The reality: This doesn't have to be an issue if you plan ahead. Vessels work best with vanities that are about 31" tall. (Most standard vanities range from 31" - 36"). Or, if you consider yourself a DIY master, you might enjoy creating your own custom-fit vanity to suit your needs.

Another often overlooked benefit of a shorter vanity is that the increased space between the countertop and the ceiling gives the illusion that the ceiling is taller and the room is larger.

Myth # 7: Two exposed sides means so much extra cleaning.

The reality: In many ways, this is a potentially valid argument. If left unattended, grime and mineral buildup is a hassle to clean. However, routine cleaning completely eliminates this issue and only takes about 60 seconds per day to wipe down your vessel sink.

Another point to consider is that, for many vessel sink owners, they're the perfect addition to any guest bathroom. This means that they're only used intermittently and are easily maintained for that reason alone.

Myth # 8: They're outdated and obsolete.

The reality: As with all design choices, your personal preference outweighs everything else. It's more important to go with selections that satisfy your style and budget - not short-lived fads. After all, you'll be the one using your bathroom daily, so it's important to love it.

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