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A Cut Above the Rest
June 1, 2012

Cutting boards are an essential part of every kitchen. They help to protect your counter top and provide a sanitary place to prepare food. Since most cutting boards are just blocks of wood that take up important counter space, we are proud to offer convenient cutting boards that are custom made to fit many sink models.

These cutting boards are made from environmentally friendly Rubberwood, which is an extremely durable material. Custom-fit cutting boards can be a great addition to any sink as they help to de-clutter the countertop and fit nicely over either side of the sink basin. Every cook will enjoy the lightweight body and easy-to-grab cut-out for effortless handling of our cutting boards.

Once only available in an oak finish, our cutting boards are now available in a dark sapele finish. This additional finish gives our customers the choice of having two colors to match every kitchen décor. Now, even your cutting board can be as stylish as the rest of your kitchen!