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Choosing the Perfect Guest Bathroom Sink
June 23, 2017

Guest bathrooms are versatile spaces that can serve different purposes at different times. For much of the time, they might be a forgotten space where you store "overflow" items from your master bath, only to be brought to life again when you host family and friends for overnight visits.

Whatever the case may be, if you agree that it's finally time to tap into your guest bathroom's full potential, then the sink is the perfect place to start. Here are two considerations to help you pick the perfect guest bathroom sink:

Versatility: some sink materials fit seamlessly in any bathroom setting. For example, classic porcelain lends a sleek, retro look to any décor and the material is easy to clean after guests head back home. Better yet, glass can be wiped spotless with a bit of Windex, and a wide range of designs will complement just about any interior design choice.

Another advantage to glass or porcelain is that certain sink models (such as vessels) allow for a simple DIY installation so you can dodge a bill from the contactor. That, coupled with such a reasonable price tag, means that you can easily swap out these sinks as your style evolves or the bathroom décor changes. What's not to love about seemingly endless choices?

Lavishness: natural sink materials can transform any bath into a personal sanctuary with their expert craftsmanship. For example, a smoothly-chiseled marble sink might remind your guests of a historical Venetian bathhouse. Or consider the sophisticated pairing of a copper sink and a natural wooden vanity.

A luxury-level copper or bronze bathroom sink is the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique style and boast your lavish taste - all for a deceitfully affordable price tag. These styles of sinks look like works of art and they're guaranteed to wow your guests, while also satisfying your budget.

Since guest bathrooms tend to be relatively small, the sink is the perfect fixture to make the focal point of the room. There are sensible sink styles that can balance any décor, some you can periodically swap out for a refreshing change of pace. On the other hand, there are bold and adventurous choices that will showcase an air of extravagance. Whatever your goal may be for your guest bathroom, consider the sink as your focus for design inspiration.