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Double Vision
March 27, 2012

If you have lost sleep over the decision of whether to buy a double or single bowl sink, you are not alone. It is a hard choice to make and if you aren’t aware of the benefits and disadvantages of sink bowl options, it can be even harder.

To begin with, consider the size of the kitchen and sink cabinet in which the sink will be going. If you have a large kitchen, don’t be afraid to go for a double or triple bowl sink. The scale of a large sink will look great in a big kitchen, but out of place in a smaller kitchen or kitchenette. A good way to figure out the size of sink you need is to measure the sink cabinet. If you have room for a large sink cabinet such as 36"-48", a double bowl sink will certainly fit right. Any sink cabinet below 36" may only have enough room to hold a single bowl sink. Consult with your cabinet-maker for advice on your particular design.

Next, if you fear the equal divide of a double bowl because you don’t like the high wall, there is an option for you. We offer double bowl sinks with low divides. The lower partition allows pots and pans with handles to easily fit within the sink basin. The lower divide still gives you the option of having two separate bowls with the full capacity of a single bowl!

Lastly, if you consider yourself a gourmet chef, a double bowl sink can aid in food prep work. Keeping washed vegetables on one side, and peelings and rinse water on the other, you can easily keep your food sanitized and ready to use. However, if you only have room for a single bowl sink, peeling and chopping is not out of the question. Custom fit cutting boards are available for most kitchen sinks and basket strainers make clean-up easy with mesh baskets to catch peelings and other items harmful to your drain.