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Introducing the 3120 Model Sink in 14-Gauge
March 8, 2017

In the past, 14-gauge sinks were primarily utilized in the industrial market. Their unyielding thickness makes them both heavy-duty and durable. They're strong enough to withstand frequent use, so you're likely to find these sinks in restaurants and professional kitchens. Case in point, these sinks mean business. But now, the term "14-gauge" means something else: your home kitchen sink.

Recently, MR Direct has pushed the limits of what it means to make "industry standard" products by designing one of the industry's first 14-gauge home kitchen sinks.

Actually, you'll find five different 14-gauge models in the 3/4" radius series. These sinks are an impressive 60% thicker than the industry standard, and have rounded corners throughout. Their flat bottom surface is accompanied by four groove-like channels that help direct water down the drain to eliminate standing water. They have spacious and deep basins, a striking geometric appearance, and unrivaled thickness. This sink truly has it all.

In fact, one major benefit of the 14-gauge thickness is the sound dampening quality. The "tinny" rattle of running water (or the clanking of pots and pans in the bottom of the sink) is muffled. And you no longer have to fear the dents and nicks that come with heavy sink usage. As an added bonus, MR Direct manufactures fully insulated sinks that are equipped with sound dampening pads and a spray coating on the exterior to prevent condensation.

The 14-gauge sink delivers luxury-level thickness, and all the excitement of being one of the industry's first. It's perfect for large families, or devoted home cooks.