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Kids' Bathroom Encourages Good Hygiene
May 30, 2014

With a bit of planning and a few do-it-yourself hours, you can make your bathroom not only kid-friendly, but also kid-inviting. MR Direct knows that good hygiene practices start early in life, so we are offering a few creative suggestions to turn the room into one that is more enticing for the kids to use.

The key is to make it fun! This might revolve around a particular theme such as a cartoon character, animal, or setting. Accessories to fit the theme are usually readily available, such as shower curtains, toothbrushes, soap dispensers, window coverings, towels, etc. Whether theme-related or not, consider out-of-the-ordinary bold shapes and colors for the rugs, wallpaper patterns or light fixtures. Even some glass vessel sinks feature a spectacular color array that is fun for adults as well as the youngsters.

On a practical level, remember that the kids are shorter than you. Provide a decorative stool for them to easily reach the faucet, add an extender to the light switch, and lower one of the towel racks a few inches – filled only with their personal towels.

Finally, and most importantly, keep the little guys safe. Install non-slip bathmats and rugs, cap the electrical sockets, and lock cabinets that store dangerous items. Even a few, fun little changes should intrigue the toddlers enough to want to clean up daily.