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Kitchen Design Trends Worth Consideration in 2018
December 29, 2017

Each year, experts in the home décor industry offer their opinions on upcoming kitchen design trends. These observations are valid and helpful; but not all such inclinations are applicable to all kitchens. You can embrace a trend or reject it according to your needs, budget, and personal taste.

If you are planning a kitchen makeover, here are a few of the key design approaches the industry is anticipating in 2018.

Color - White Works, But...
For more than a decade, the predominant, kitchen-color scheme has been white-on-white. It's a clean, simple, and expansive approach; especially if the room is small or poorly lit. Though white retains a loyal following, a new color is vying for the top position — gray. Neutral like white, it works well in one tone, or mixed and matched in varying degrees of darkness.

Gray can be punctuated with spots of pure white or a bright color. Today's hottest accent color is blue; in particular, navy blue. Against those dominant whites or grays; deep-blue cabinet doors, woodwork trims, or window curtains can create a clean, inviting mood. However, many decorators caution against using the new, boldly colored appliances as this accent. They expect their popularity to wane quickly; dating your kitchen the way those avocado stoves marked the 1970s.

Quartz Over Granite
Granite has been the countertop of choice for some time. They are beautiful, but technology has caught up with nature. Look-alikes are so believable; they're already surpassing sales of the real stone. Crushed quartz blended with acrylics is formed into either solid colors or elaborate rock patterns, indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. And, these manufactured surfaces are tough— no chipping, staining, or need for annual sealing.

Cabinets to Display or Hide
In recent years, the trend in cabinets has swung from solid doors hiding all the contents, to door-less cupboards and shelving concealing nothing. 2018 offers a compromise. Like grandma's hutch, showing off those special-occasion dishes, cabinet doors with windows are becoming a nostalgic option.

Transitional/Urban Rustic
2018 will encourage that the materials themselves provide dramatic contrast in the kitchen. It could be the pairing of tile and steel, wood and brick, glass and stone — almost anything combined with anything, to create the unusual; but always in a tasteful manner.

Bright, Shiny Fixtures
It was passé for years, but highly reflective finishes on faucets, handles, and fixtures are back. Look for more glossy brass and gold options to show up in stores soon.

Tile in Style
Because of the monotone color approach; what's referred to as "white subway tile" has been popular for some time. This year expect things to change with diversely colored and textured tiles creating intriguing patterns as countertops and backsplashes.

A Bright Idea
As LEDs continue to illuminate all facets of our lives, they are becoming well-suited for the kitchen as well. It's expected that more and more homeowners will be running them under toe kicks and cupboards as elegant night lighting.

Smaller/Separated Refrigeration
The addition of mini refrigeration units is catching on. If you have the space, compact models can be tucked into the island or other cabinetry and designated for exclusive purposes. One may be stocked strictly with fruits and veges, another with kid-only snacks and drinks. They also free up space in the main refrigerator.

These are just a few of the ideas that are trending across the country. Keep in mind that next year the trends are bound to change again, as they always do. So think long-term and use these as inspiration, to spark ideas that will suit you and your kitchen for years to come.