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New TruGranite Sinks Slated for Immediate Debut
May 1, 2014

The line of MR Direct TruGranite sinks has consisted of five different styles, in five different colors; until now. A fresh new hue, slate, has just been developed and is now the sixth color option for all five models. The market has been demanding a neutral color in our premier TruGranite sinks, so MR Direct is responding with a mid-range, warm-gray color which will make your kitchen just that much more inviting and comfortable. This soft tone is uniform throughout the sink and simply will not fade over time.

TruGranite sinks are already a phenomenal choice for the kitchen. Other sink materials have a hard time measuring up to TruGranite's superiority in so many categories. As a granite composite (80% Quartz/20% Acrylic), TruGranite offers the most durable surface available for the kitchen. It is extremely heat-resistant, up to 550 degrees. It is nearly impossible to scratch or stain. Acidic foods and strong detergents will not mar the surface. It is very quiet, no extra sound-dampening pads are necessary. And finally, it is bio-active. Because of its non-porous finish, any bacteria that may try to inhabit the sink will have a short life.

With all these amazing features, its hard to overlook an MR Direct, TruGranite sink. And now it is available in all five styles, in our newest and coolest, warm color – slate.