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Often Taken for Granite
November 4, 2016

It's easy to understand the demand for granite in the kitchen. It's a beautiful, durable stone that can set the mood of the entire room. But what about more affordable options? Composites are a blend of crushed stone with acrylic resins and polymers. Every manufacturer has their own pro-prietary formula and name for these composites, but one thing remains true: these sinks are as strong as they are stylish.

Let's talk tough. A dropped knife won't scratch it, a hot pot won't scorch it, acidic foods won't stain it, and running water won't noisily reverberate in it.

So what exactly is a TruGranite sink? Let's fill the mold: eight parts quartz, two parts acrylic polymers, and a non-porous finish make up an MR Direct TruGranite sink. The result is a sink nearly impervious to abuse because of its dense composition and non-porous finish.

Each of our six models is available in six color options, along with matching strainers and flanges. Whether you are looking to add style or need a material that will stand strong in even the busiest of kitchens, TruGranite sinks cater to everyone.