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Potter's Wheel Art for the Bath
October 20, 2017

They're everywhere! Those traditional bright-white porcelain, bathroom sinks. Oh, they're beautiful, and worth their weight in clay for their ability to withstand a ton of abuse and still shine on; but most are mass produced. If you opt for one of the more popular styles, odds are, thousands and thousands of other people around the country will have that exact same sink design. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The manufacturing process of these porcelain sinks is generally the same at any factory, but each has its own proprietary formulation of clay materials. The blend is poured into a mold until the slurry hardens. Out of the mold, the new, fragile sink moves on to be glazed and fired according to each manufacturer's practices. The final result is a high-gloss, extremely durable porcelain sink. However, because this process is automated, there is no room for diversity, except maybe an overall tone change by adding a color to the mix. There are a lot of great reasons to invest in a quality porcelain sink; but sometimes, you just might want something a little more exciting than a traditional solid color. If that's where you're at, it might be time to consider the Artisan Ceramic Collection from MR Direct.

These distinctive basins are created one at a time through the hands of a skilled potter working at his wheel. Hunks of premium clay are repeatedly added to the worked batch, gradually building up and taking on a sink shape. Upwards of 30 pounds of clay are often used in the process.

Once the desired shape is achieved and the clay dries, the potter will trim away any excess stubble and smooth the entire bowl. Then, a series of glazes and paints are applied at the artist's discretion to create one of the eight designs in the collection. This individual approach to details truly makes each a one-of-a-kind. Firing gives permanence to all the colorings and shapes, and when finished, the result is more a piece of art for the bath, than just a sink.

Such dynamic designs are not to be hidden by being top, or under, mounted. No, these are vessel sinks, created to be admired as they rest upon the vanity. Across the collection, the finishes vary between gloss, matte, or a combination of both. Most of the vessels are colored in the earth tones of sienna, ochre, beige, and others. A few of them feature more dramatic, contrasting color combinations.

The curve of the sides can bow out and up, or rise in a straight, vertical style. A few have rims which fold over the interior edge. Some are smooth finished even if they have a decorative pattern on display, while others are sculpted in a three-dimensional, relief style. All of the Artisan Ceramic bowls have a flat bottom, so no sink rings are needed for support. Installation is as simple as lining up the plumbing holes and connecting.

If you want to show off your keen artistic taste in the bath, the new Artisan Ceramic Collection provides the opportunity to do so!

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