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Redesigning a Master Bath
April 4, 2016

The master bath. The little oasis of the home, designed to meet personal needs. If yours is not as inviting as you would prefer, perhaps its time for a makeover. Even the nicest bathroom can benefit from a periodic re-evaluation which will reveal some changes you'd like to make, and the changes you need to make. Your taste and wallet might clash, but it will be fun to explore all the possibilities the market has to offer in every category, and in every imaginable style.

Creating a space that is both functional and attractive begins with an honest assessment of what you have and how it well it works. Make a pros-and-cons list of your current master bathroom's characteristics. Include your opinion about the shower, sink and toilet bowl. Are any so worn that they should be replaced? What about the cabinets, are they showing their age or have they outlived their usefulness? Is the wallpaper in disrepair, or is it time to consider papering over that old paint? Don't overlook the floor which can be worn, stained or buckling. Check the windows; are they adequate by today's standards of insulation? How dated is the light fixture? As you can tell, your list might get extensive, but it will be enlightening.

Now, review your observations. Make note of what must be repaired, then look around the room again and envision what would be nice to add or remove from the room. Maybe its time for a shower stall instead of a tub? An additional cabinet might add that extra storage and reduce clutter. On the contrary, superfluous items may need to be removed to create space. Is it time for a fresh color-scheme? If so, the choice needs to be complementary to all elements in the room.

Since most master bathrooms are located adjacent to the master bedroom, consideration should be given to it having some coordination with the bedroom décor. For example, a master bathroom with a classic old-world theme en suite to a bold contemporary bedroom, may appear awkward.

The master bath is traditionally a place to indulge oneself in a bit of luxury and relaxation. Maybe that can be enhanced by installing a rainfall shower head. Perhaps a granite vessel-style sink with a beautiful waterfall faucet will evoke a soothing atmosphere. Or possibly, an ornate light fixture will add sophistication and create a soft mood. The choice is yours and you will find many, many choices.

Beyond the objective of a unified overall appearance; practicality has to play a large part in the re-design. People can be messy, and so organization is key. It can be achieved with cabinets, racks, hampers, hooks, etc. Clutter will surely ruin any ambiance you've planned into the room. Design accents added through the use of accessories like towels, carpets and soaps need to be maintained, or they will turn into a distraction.

The choices are nearly unlimited when re-designing a master bathroom. If you are planning a makeover, do a thorough review of the options available by reading, shopping, and comparing. Turning your master bath into the room of your dreams can be a lot of fun.

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