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April 1, 2016

Fix Damaged Products

Chip your granite? Scratch your porcelain? Don't fret; repair kits from Procaliber Products have the solution for you! Each kit is customized to offer the best mending power for any damage done to natural and engineered stones, as well as other plumbing materials.

Granite and Marble

The Granite and Marble Repair kits from Procaliber Products are available to assist in the DIY repair of granite and marble sinks and countertops. These kits use state-of-the-art advanced light-curing technology along with clear acrylic paste to easily repair a chip, knick, pit or scratch in minutes. Not only do these kits work great on granite and marble, but also on most other natural and engineered stones. There are numerous kits to choose from with varying amounts of repair items and different acrylic hues.


The Plumbing Fixture Repair Kit from Procaliber Products is an at-home repair kit for minor damage to porcelain, ceramic and other plumbing fixtures. This kit includes acrylic paste base, acrylic paste curing catalyst, curing sheet and other items to assist in the repair. The repair kit works fast and since it’s non-toxic, it is safe to use.

Liquid Abrasive Polish

The Liquid Abrasive Polish from Procaliber Products is a premier cleaning, polishing and protecting liquid abrasive for multiple surfaces. Just a dime-sized amount is all that is needed to effectively clean and polish a damaged surface while protecting from future harm. This 2oz. bottle contains 1 micron of Aluminum Oxide abrasive crystal and since it is water-based, it is a safe product that is environmentally friendly.