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Style Your Home the Scandinavian Way
December 29, 2018

This old world style of decor is definitely seeing a resurgence, and it's not hard to see why. With its bright but minimalist color schemes, clean soft lines, and a call back to nature, winter is the perfect time to start experimenting with the Scandinavian style. If you are wondering where to begin, here is a list of the basic design elements to decorate your home this winter season.


Turn Down the Saturation

Arguably the most iconic element of Scandinavian style is its love of decorating without color. Though not for all, this clean and simple color palette of white, grey and black is soothing and can give your home a peaceful winter wonderland aesthetic. A simple monochrome backdrop opens up a small space and makes larger spaces feel grand. For a fun project, find an array of ceramic woodland creatures from the thrift store, such as deer and birds, and spray paint them all white to create a cohesive and beautiful mantel display.

Designed by Emma Fischer. (Anders Bergstedt)

Layer in Textures

For a feeling of coziness, add in some natural materials like wood, wool, and paper. Wooden and hand-crafted accents are timeless and add warmth to your living space. A sheepskin rug at the foot of the fireplace, some woven baskets to display a cluster of pine cones, or a soft throw blanket will add soft elements of texture. Add neutral layers to the dining table with a butcher paper runner, pine branches, and cinnamon sticks and rosemary wrapped in twine.

Photo Courtesy of: www.decorilla.com
Photo Courtesy of: www.hittahem.se/bostad

Up In the Air

The final touch to any Scandinavian styled home is hanging decor. Whether it’s garlands strung over a doorway, snowflakes draping across a window, or an evergreen branch hung around an otherwise bare corner of the room, this style embraces height by bringing the eye up and around a room. Twinkle lights are not just for the outside of your house, have fun wrapping your windows, stair rails, and shelves in sparkly warm string lights.

Photo Courtesy of: www.happygreylucky.com
Photo Courtesy of: www.youandkids.com

And there you have it–Scandinavian style is a perfect, cozy way to decorate for the winter and snuggle up to the warmth of your own home. Happy hibernating!