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Touch of Glass
July 31, 2014

Since their debut a few years ago into the MR Direct collection, glass vessel sinks have attracted a lot of attention. It's quite understandable, since the beauty of glass has no equivalent.

MR Direct offers glass basins in almost every color of the rainbow, and even has one with all of them! The majority are shaped like a circular bowl, but some square, rectangular, and organic shapes are also available. Materials like gold-leaf, with or without patterned designs, are often embedded in the glass for dramatic effects. The interior of our glass bowls are extremely smooth and polished to a high gloss, while the exteriors may be similarly buffed, textured, or painted. The combinations create stunning, glistening basins.

The glass used in MR Direct sinks is thick, ranging from 1/2" to 5/8", and tempered. This means it is safer, can withstand much higher temperatures than ordinary glass, and is easy to clean. Being non-porous, it will not readily stain or hold odors.

Beautiful, safe, and sanitary. The only thing left to add is the MR Direct bonus of coordinating whichever glass sink you choose with a matching waterfall-style faucet. The addition of this touch of glass will be one which all your family and friends will admire for quite some time.