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Tried and TruGranite
May 1, 2015

For years, TruGranite sinks have been growing in demand by homeowners and contractors alike. They are a premium choice sink for those who want the natural look and feel of matte stone in their kitchen at a reasonable price. Sinks formed of other materials have a hard time measuring up to TruGranite's superiority in several categories.

As a granite composite (80% Quartz/20% Acrylic), TruGranite offers the most durable surface available for a kitchen sink. It is extremely heat-resistant, up to 550 degrees, which means hot pots or pans can be set inside without fear of damage. It is nearly impossible to scratch or stain; acidic foods and strong detergents will not mar its surface. And because it is such a dense, solid material, it makes for a very quiet sink.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of a TruGranite sink is that it features a non-porous finish, which leaves no place for bacteria or microbes to thrive.