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TruGranite Takes On a New Shape
September 2, 2014

It began with rumors. Then it was asked for. Now, it's here. We're talking about the new Model 824 – the first-ever D-shape, TruGranite sink from MR Direct. The combination of our extraordinary TruGranite material with the booming popularity of the D-shape design creates a sink which is certain to become a new best-seller.

Kitchen designers are attracted to the trendy D-shape sink because it offers the unconventional placement of the faucet in one of the back corners. This asymmetrical look draws attention and allows room for the deeper, front-to-back, D-shape sink. With essentially no loss of usable counter space, the homeowner gets much more sink space. This can be a significant bonus where kitchen space is at a premium. If the traditional, balanced look is preferred, the D-shape sink can still be installed in the corner of a kitchen counter, or in a kitchen island.

The Model 824 exhibits the same magnificent traits inherent in all models of MR Direct TruGranite sinks. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic is its ability to kill germs. Because of its non-porous finish, all types of bacteria are short-lived on its surface. The durability of TruGranite is unquestionable. A dropped knife will not scratch, acidic foods will not stain, and hot pots will not burn the surface.

The 824 is being offered in all six TruGranite colors; black, beige, slate, mocha, silver and white. Measuring a broad 21 7/8" by 19 1/8" with an inner depth of 8 1/4", the Model 824 is designed to provide contemporary style, plenty of sink space and complete satisfaction.