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Use Your Sink Every Day and Keep the Doctor Away
March 30, 2012

Our copper, bronze and TruGranite sinks all have a very important feature in common; they are good for your health. From preventing E. Coli to stopping the spread of germs and bacteria, the presence of these sinks in your kitchen or bathroom can make your household a cleaner place to live.

Copper and bronze have been used to fight disease since the rule of ancient Egyptians. Copper alloys can stop the growth of microbes and effectively remove them in very little time. Supported by extensive research, the EPA has determined copper and bronze to be antimicrobial metals that can combat viruses and harmful diseases. Having copper or bronze on a touch surface, such as a kitchen or bathroom sink, can help stop the spread of household bacteria.

Ionic silver is added to our TruGranite sinks during production to make them antibacterial and resistant to spreading germs. Silver ions have long been used in medicines and first aid supplies for their bactericidal effects. It is said that Hippocrates, the "father of medicine", proclaimed that silver had beneficial healing and disease-killing properties and the Phoenicians stored water, wine and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent spoiling. Adding silver ions to our TruGranite sinks helps to keep your family healthy from bacteria that may contaminate spoiled foods or other harmful materials.

When searching for a sink, remember that antimicrobial properties found in our copper, bronze and TruGranite sinks can help reduce the incidence of cross-contamination of foodborne pathogens. Since the properties in these metals have the ability to kill dangerous microbes quickly, and at room or refrigerated temperature, your busy household can stay safe from harmful bacteria.