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Vanity Sinks
March 30, 2012

Vessel sinks are becoming a staple in bathrooms everywhere. With their timeless design and variety of colors, patterns and textures, you are sure to find a vessel sink to fit your bathroom’s décor. We are proud to offer many styles of vessels in porcelain, glass, bronze, copper and a variety of natural stones.

If you are unsure about matching your bathroom décor, consider not matching at all! Traditional "rules" say that every fixture in the bathroom should match; the toilet, tub and sink were usually pure white. Today, most designers encourage a more eclectic look and a colorful and textured vessel sink can be that bold element your bathroom is missing. Remember, if you do opt for a bold vessel sink, to keep your vanity cabinet neutral; a beautiful sink should be the center of attention.

Don’t overlook the faucet. Vessel sinks require a special faucet that has a taller spout height than other faucets. Vessel faucets come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes to match any décor. On most countertops, they are easy to install and use the existing plumbing under the cabinet. Be sure to measure the distance from your faucet head to the sink bowl. You want to make sure to have enough room to wash your hands and brush your teeth without splashing water everywhere.

Consider the maintenance level of the sink materials. Porcelain and glass are usually easy to care for, but bronze, copper and stone sinks may require a little extra TLC. For busy bathrooms, a lower-maintenance sink may be the best choice in comparison to guest bathrooms or hallway half-baths with little traffic. With the proper cleaning and care, both resilient and sensitive sink materials will continue to add charm to your bathroom for years.