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Vessel Sinks Getting Bent Out of Shape
July 31, 2014

The most popular sinks are still circular, square, or rectangular in shape and at a standard depth. Recently, however, there has been a trend toward unorthodox styles. MR Direct has been a first-hand witness to this phenomenon as they track sales of their own uniquely-shaped vessel sinks.

Vessel sinks have been introduced with unusual shapes, in almost every material category. MR Direct's porcelain selection includes several models which are very wide, up to 25.5 inches, but have shallow depths as low as 3.25 inches. Although they take an overall rectangular form, their edges gently curve down from the corners rather than maintaining traditional horizontal lines. This low-profile design is found in our stone collection as well, with additional choices of wavy edges, even longer sleek lines, and organic shapes such as a teardrop. In glass, leaf or flower-petal shapes are offered. And if a sink made of bamboo is not unique enough, one MR Direct model is a low, symmetrical sink with slow, graceful curves.

Perhaps the most dramatic shapes are in MR Direct's collection of bronze vessel sinks. These bowls may have proportions which are in the range of traditional sinks, but that is where any comparison ends. Two models are designed as replica clam shells with irregular wavy edges. Two others mimic oyster shells. There's one with the spiral design of a snail shell, and perhaps the most unusual is a sea urchin shape. The textures and organic curves of these bronze offerings make them stunning options. Watch for more unusual shapes to hit the MR Direct vessel sink market as homeowners continue to express themselves through one-of-a-kind sinks.