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One of the last choices made when buying a new sink, and often considered somewhat irrelevant, is where the drain is set. It can be placed dead-center in the bowl, or offset to the back; either in a corner or in the center.
It may take a few decades, but eventually that once stunning floor in your kitchen is going to wear out. Today, replacement options are abundant.
Do you consider yourself a "neat freak?" Maybe you're typically tidy, but your home looks comfortably "lived in." Or maybe, you're the opposite and your house is delightfully disordered.
If you keep close tabs on the home improvement industry, you'll be hearing a lot about KBIS in the coming weeks. MR Direct has attended KBIS for several years, and we are thrilled to return in 2018.
When it comes to kitchen sinks, manufacturing advancements have expanded the installation possibilities.
Each year, experts in the home décor industry offer their opinions on upcoming kitchen design trends.
The holidays are here! And despite being a festive time with our loved ones, the celebrations can leave us exhausted and overworked.
In the world of kitchen and bathroom faucets, numerous metallic finishes are rising in popularity; but chrome is still the superstar.
December 11, 2017
If I asked you to close your eyes and envision a home bathroom, would you picture a vanity with a gleaming porcelain sink on top?
December 1, 2017
The holidays are finally here! And that means storefronts and homes alike are adorned with red ribbons, jingling bells, and those sentimental spruces.
November 17, 2017
You like to be on that "cutting edge", don't you? And, I bet you're concerned about the environment too? Well, have I got a bathroom décor idea for you... bamboo!
Backsplashes take center stage in the modern kitchen, and play up major style in small spaces.