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TruGranite – The Composite Kitchen Sink

Composite sinks are referred to in many terms: quartz sinks, synthetic sinks, and composite granite or granite composite sinks. Regardless the name they’re given, these basins are a combination of stone and acrylic. Formulas vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The MR Direct TruGranite brand is made from a premium blend of 80% crushed quartz and 20% acrylic.

Our blend of crushed quartz and acrylic make for beautiful, durable sinks
It’s Black And White... And Colorful

Whether it’s a white kitchen sink or a black kitchen sink that you are after, the TruGranite Collection offers both in seven different formats and four more color options: beige, slate, mocha, and silver. All are extremely durable; able to withstand temperatures up to 550° and quiet during use.

Our TruGranite Sinks come in 6 colors to match any kitchen
Installation Above or Below The Countertop

The MR Direct line includes both TruGranite undermount sinks and TruGranite topmount sinks. Either style may also be referred to as a composite utility sink because they are often used in rooms beyond the kitchen. Black or white sinks often serve this purpose. Our undermount composite sinks are designed to sit below the surface of the countertop with a negative, positive, or flush reveal. Our topmount composite sinks are suspended by their rims, making them easy to install.

MR Direct TruGranite sinks come in both topmount and undermount installations
Features of A TruGranite Composite Kitchen Sink
  • Black, white, and four additional colors
  • Quiet
  • Extreme durability
  • Heat/stain resistance
  • Topmount and undermount
  • Custom grids/cutting boards available
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Matching accessories are availble for all our trugranite sinks
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