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Composite Sinks = TruGranite Sinks

Many terms are used to describe sinks which are made from a combination of crushed stone and acrylics. In a general sense, people often refer to models composed of these materials as: composite, quartz, composite granite, or even synthetic sinks. MR Direct has a formulation marketed under the brand name of TruGranite.

The differences between brands of composite kitchen sinks lies in the type of stone used, the acrylic polymers added, and the proportion of these two ingredients to each other. The MR Direct TruGranite sinks have an 80% to 20% ratio of stone to acrylic. Quartz, an extremely hard metamorphic rock created from sandstone, is blended with a proprietary blend of polymers to make a TruGranite sink.

Our Trugranite Sinks are the Perfect Combination of Beauty and Durability
Composite Topmount Sinks and Composite Undermount Sinks

The MR Direct TruGranite line features composite drop-in sinks and composite granites for undermount installation. The drop-in granite composite kitchen sinks have smooth, flat perimeters and pre-scored holes along the back ledge for the faucet and accessories. The undermount composite quartz sinks can be installed as a positive, negative, or full reveal.

A TruGranite Sink for Every Kitchen
Key Qualities and Maintenance

TruGranite sinks are extremely durable; able to withstand very high temperatures, dents, scratches and stains. It is very hygienic; killing bacteria and mold on contact. The acrylic composition makes the overall sink resistant to noise. Maintenance is as simple as a wash down with a mild soap and water. No abrasive scrubbers or highly acidic cleansers should be used. All TruGranite sinks are available in a choice of six colors: beige, black, white, silver, slate and mocha.

Low Maintenance Care With A High Maintenance Look
TruGranite Composite Sink Features
  • Withstands temperatures up to 550°
  • Kills up to 99% of all bacteria and mold
  • Dent, scratch, and stain-resistant
  • Low-maintenance
  • Inherently Quiet
  • Custom-fit grids/cutting boards available
  • Limited lifetime warranty
TruGranite Sinks Have a Limited Lifetime Warranty
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