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Hammered Copper Apron Sinks – A Bold Kitchen Design

MR Direct molds 99%-pure copper into beautiful, copper, apron kitchen sinks. No recycled metals or scraps are ever used in their manufacture. These ever-popular apron, or farmhouse, sinks feature a decorative pattern of divots, hand hammered into the surface by skilled craftsmen. which strengthens the metal and adds to copper’s distinctive, old-world character.

The copper patina makes every sink unique.
Numerous Copper Apron Sink Formats

Our hand-hammered, copper apron sinks are available in a variety of configurations. There is the traditional single-bowl copper apron sink with a straight hammered front or one that has a gently bowed facing. One model is an equal double-bowl copper apron sink with a simple hammered front, and another is an offset double-bowl copper apron sink with a filigree-like pattern embossed on its facade.

Our copper apron sinks come in many formats and sizes.
Copper Patina Adds Character

The beauty of a copper sink is that it will blossom naturally. The reaction of copper ions with the air produces a patina that ages the hand hammered copper kitchen sink surface over time. The hammered divots and smooth surfaces will darken at varying rates to produce an antiquated appearance. A copper kitchen sink also has a natural defense against germs, killing bacteria on contact.

The copper patina makes every sink unique.
Features and Benefits of Hand Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sinks
  • Strong construction
  • Natural, anti-bacterial properties
  • Ever-changing patina
  • Will not rust
  • Low maintenance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
A copper apron sink brings several benefits along with its beauty.
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