What is ProCare?

MR Direct has partnered with Barry’s Restore It All Products to introduce a new line of exceptional cleaning and restoration products. This new addition of great tools will help maintain your high-quality sink and keep it looking as beautiful as the first day it was installed.

Show Your Home Some Love

Your sink is used every day to wash your hands, clean your dishes, dispense fresh water to drink, and so much more! That’s why MR Direct is proud to offer a wide array of ProCare cleaning and restoring kits to provide you with a peace of mind, and a cleaner sink. Each kit was generously created for a specific material including, but not limited to: Stainless Steel, TruGranite, and Copper.

Everyday Care For Everyday Life.

MR Direct Pro Care: Stainless Steel scratch Repair. Our exclusive partnership allows us to offer our customers the leading non-toxic soft-metal restoration kit used by contractors, customers, manufacturers, and service provides worldwide. It quickly and easily works to help maintain and improve the beauty of stainless steel appliances like sinks, faucets, oven hoods and grills.

"We’re very excited to offer Restore It All Products! We’ve been recommending these products to our customers for years and it made perfect sense for us to partner with Barry. We will continue to expand the MR Direct catalog and offer unmatched style, durability, and competitive pricing for professionals and homeowners."

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