Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit SSCK

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The Pro Care Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit is an innovative collection of cleaning products designed to maintain stainless steel sinks, appliances and more. Bring back the shine and eliminate smudges and stains, so your stainless steel surfaces look brand new. This kit includes the following items: 1 - Cleaning Spray, 1 - Melamine Sponge, 1- Microfiber Cloth, and 1 - Bar Keepers Friend Sample. This daily maintenance spray features a water-based, molecular-bonding and breathable sealer that cuts through smudges, sticky residue and grease to reveal a polished, streak-free shine. Simplify the cleaning process with this easy-to-use kit. Use the soft cloth to wipe away the cleaning spray, and the melamine sponge to gently rub away tough stains. This product is designed for use on stainless steel only and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Individual results will vary. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from misuse of this product kit.
Product Details
  • Use on Non-Coated Stainless Steel Only
  • 4-piece set
  • Produces a streak-free shine
  • Removes smudges, grease and streaks
  • What is included in this kit?
    The Pro Care Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit supplies you with one bottle of cleaning spray, a melamine sponge, a microfiber cloth, and a Bar Keepers Friend sample.
  • What is Bar Keepers Friend?
    Bar Keepers Friend is a cleanser and polish product that removes rust and discoloration from metal, porcelain or plastic surfaces. Do not use with melamine sponge. Do not use on natural stone.
  • How can I maintain my stainless steel products?
    We recommend using this stainless steel cleaning kit daily to maintain a smudge-free and streak-free shine surface.