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MR Direct has partnered with Scratch-B-Gone to develop the Pro Care: Stainless Steel Scratch Repair kit, an outstanding non-toxic restoration kit among leading professionals and general consumers. It permanently removes blemishes like chemical discoloration, scratches, bleach, rust, and heat scorch marks. The Pro Care: Stainless Steel Scratch Repair kit can be used on stainless steel sinks, oven hoods, grills, or any other non-coated true stainless steel surface. This highly recommended product includes a bundle of all the necessary tools needed to easily and safely restore any authentic, non-coated satin or brushed stainless steel surface. If you're working on a restoration or cleaning project, this package should provide everything you need to get the job done: 1- patented grip handle, 1- gray finishing pad, 1- brown finishing pad, 1- burgundy foam-backed pad, 1 coarse abrasive finger strip, 1 TruMetal Test Strip™, 1- 1 fl. oz. Ultra Shine™ bottle, 1- microfiber cloth and an instruction pamphlet. Do not use this product on any coated stainless steel objects. Before starting any restoration project, thoroughly review the enclosed instructions and guidelines. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from misuse of this product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Individual results will vary.
Product Details
  • 9 Piece Set
  • Use on Non-Coated Stainless Steel Only
  • Non-Toxic Gentle Formula
  • Permanently Removes Blemishes
  • What is Scratch-B-Gone?
    An MR Direct partner and renowned soft- metal repair kit created to remove scratches, rust and stains and restore metal into its original condition.
  • Is the Pro Care: Stainless Steel Scratch Repair Kit non-toxic?
    This kit is non-toxic, however, keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • What surfaces should the Pro Care: Stainless Steel Scratch Repair Kit NOT be used on?
    Do not use this product on high gloss, mirrored, or any surface with a treated clear- coat. This product will not work on any synthetic or false stainless steel finishes.