Cleaning Tips
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Routine Cleaning
  • Dazzling Drains

    Regular drain maintenance is key to making sure your kitchen sink keeps smelling fresh. Add this easy tip to your daily cleaning routine to help prevent odors caused by bacterial buildup.


    1. Empty your strainer.
    2. Under hot, running water, scrub away buildup with a nylon brush.
    3. Rinse away any loose debris and place your strainer back in the drain.

    Supplies Needed

    Nylon Brush

  • Send Odors Down the Drain

    Although daily cleaning can effectively prevent most odors from occurring, sometimes foul odors are unavoidable. Use this tip to put a stop to foul odors as soon as they begin to surface.


    1. Run extremely hot water down your drain.
    2. With water running, pour a teaspoon of baking soda, vinegar or bleach down the drain. If needed, lemon juice may also suffice.
    3. Keep water running for 15 seconds.

    Supplies Needed

    Baking Soda



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