Copper Sinks

All of our copper sinks are made from 99% pure mined copper. It is mined from ore (rock made up of different minerals) and goes through a long extraction process in order to achieve a sufficient amount of copper. We cannot say our sinks are 100% pure copper because it is possible for airborne materials to penetrate the copper during production. However, it is important to note that the copper we use is not recycled from scrap materials and does not contain particles of any other metals. Copper is naturally antibacterial and will not rust or stain, making it a low maintenance choice. All of our copper sinks are made by hand and are carefully hand-hammered to achieve their textured finish.

Our copper sink selection offers a variety of options including apron, undermount, topmount, and vessel sinks. Apron sinks are mounted either over or under the countertop depending on your preference, and the decorative finish on the front of the sink remains exposed. Undermount sinks sit below the countertop without exposing the rim and are popular due to the glamorous appeal and functionality they offer. Topmount sinks are traditionally the most commonly used in kitchens. A topmount sink sits within a specifically cut hole in the countertop suspended by the exposed rim. Vessel sinks are free-standing, meaning that the sink sits directly on the surface of the countertop. They are popular choices because of their ability to transform your bathroom decor from ordinary to extraordinary.

Features & Benefits
All of our copper sinks come standard with a beautifully hand-hammered finish and aged patina that work together to conceal minor scratches and blemishes that may happen over time. Oxidation occurs when copper is exposed to oxygen, naturally creating an aged patina finish. The patina is "live" meaning it will continually work to darken the appearance of the copper throughout the life of the sink. Our copper sinks should never be polished or scrubbed because it can greatly compromise the authenticity of the aged patina.
Fully Insulated
All of our kitchen copper sinks come fully insulated which helps prevent dripping and condensation buildup under the sink. It also prevents the moisture from posing a serious risk by moving into your cabinet and causing mold and allergens to develop. Sound dampening pads are also added to minimize the “tin" sound from occurring when water is running or dripping.
  • Why do your bronze and copper sinks have a patina?
    Patina helps define detail and disguise minor scratches or blemishes that may occur to your bronze or copper sink over time. Since bronze and copper will naturally patina over time, your sink will continue to look beautiful for years to come.
  • Are your copper sinks made by hand?
    Yes, our copper sinks are carefully hand-made and hand-hammered by skilled artisans.
  • Will my copper sink turn color over time?
    Yes, a process referred to as oxidation will occur naturally when copper is exposed to oxygen and create an aged patina finish. The patina is "live" meaning it will continually work to darken the appearance of the copper throughout the life of the sink and help to conceal minor scratches and blemishes.
  • Do you offer copper drains with your copper sinks?
    Yes, we offer grid drains with our bathroom copper sinks and copper drains and flanges with our kitchen copper sinks.
  • Are your copper sinks antimicrobial/antibacterial?
    Our 99.9% copper sinks are naturally antibacterial/antimicrobial and are able to instantly kill the vast majority of bacteria they come into contact with.
    *The EPA has guidelines for advertising amount of bacteria killed within certain time frames. MR Direct makes no assessment on how much bacteria % is killed per hour. Our copper products are not sold as a health product as we believe all customers buy them for their unique look and aesthetics. As such we recommend you make your purchasing choice based on the size and look of the product as we do not make claims on just how much bacteria is killed.
  • Why are copper sinks of the same model not identical to each other in size and finish?
    Each one of our copper sinks is unique in appearance and their sizes can vary up to 1/4 inch in any direction due to the fact that our copper sinks are hand-hammered by skilled artisans.
  • Do I need a special faucet and drain for a vessel sink?
    Yes, all vessel sinks require a vessel faucet and a vessel pop-up drain or grid drain. Waterfall faucets are available for all bamboo, glass, and stone vessel sinks.
  • How do I clean my copper sink?
    • Cleaning Copper

      Copper is a metal that reacts to various elements, so it’s important to avoid leaving acidic foods sitting in your sink. Be cautious when cleaning your sink and follow this tip to avoid damage.


      1. Cover sink with a mixture of mild soap and water.
      2. With a soft sponge, scrub around your entire sink in a circular motion.
      3. Rinse immediately with pure water and dry.

      Supplies Needed

      To achieve the best results, we recommend that you use Green Works® dish soap.

      Mild Soap

      Soft Sponge

      Microfiber Cloth

    • Radiant Copper

      To bring the natural radiance of copper back to life and help protect your sink from hard water mineral damage, you can wax your copper sink from time to time using this tip.


      1. Apply wax to a soft cloth.
      2. Gently rub wax onto sink in a circular motion until sink is lightly coated inside and out.
      3. Allow to air dry before wetting sink again.

      Supplies Needed

      To achieve the best results, we recommend using Renaissance Wax® on your copper sink.


      Microfiber Cloth

  • How do I install a Copper Flange?
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