We Are Open! - A Response to COVID-19 from MR Direct

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To our loyal customers:

We hope this message reaches you and your family in safe conditions amid the health concerns affecting our communities.

We are open and our orders are shipping but during this time please allow extra time for your projects. We want to make sure we take the proper steps to ensure the health and safety of our customers and team members. Because of this we cannot currently guarantee the shipping time displayed by our shipping calculator from all of our distribution centers at this time. Please allow a grace period of 2-4 days and plan your projects accordingly. When your order ships you will receive tracking.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for further assistance.

Best regards,

The MR Direct Team

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Are all stainless steel sinks available with reversed side bowls?
    Although most of are stainless steel sinks are available with reversed side bowls, our dual mount stainless steel sinks are not available with reversed side bowls.
  • Are MR Direct faucets cast or drilled from solid materials?
    All of our faucets are more durable than casted faucets because they are drilled from solid brass and contain copper waterways
  • Are porcelain vessel sinks finished all the way around?
    No, some of our porcelain vessel sinks have unfinished faucet holes.
  • Are soap dispensers filled from above the countertop?
    Yes, our soap dispensers are filled from above the countertop.
  • Are your bronze sinks made of real bronze?
    Yes, our bronze sinks are completely natural and do not contain any artificial paints or resin. They are constructed by pouring pure melted bronze into complex molds casted from wax or sand.
  • Are your copper sinks antimicrobial/antibacterial?
    Our 99.9% copper sinks are naturally antibacterial/antimicrobial and are able to instantly kill the vast majority of bacteria they come into contact with.
    *The EPA has guidelines for advertising amount of bacteria killed within certain time frames. MR Direct makes no assessment on how much bacteria % is killed per hour. Our copper products are not sold as a health product as we believe all customers buy them for their unique look and aesthetics. As such we recommend you make your purchasing choice based on the size and look of the product as we do not make claims on just how much bacteria is killed.
  • Are your copper sinks made by hand?
    Yes, our copper sinks are carefully hand-made and hand-hammered by skilled artisans.
  • Are your sinks comparable to other name brands such as Blanco, Kohler, Elkay & Franke?
    Yes, we use quality materials for our sinks, faucets, and accessories that are directly comparable to those of top name brand competitors.
  • Can a garbage disposal be installed in Quartz Granite sinks?
    Yes, a garbage disposal can be installed in our Quartz Granite sinks. If you plan to install a garbage disposal in your Quartz Granite sink, we recommend that a matching Quartz Granite flange is used with the disposal.
  • Can all of your undermount sinks be topmounted?
    No, only our sinks that are labeled for undermount and topmount can be mounted both ways.
  • Can I have free shipping?
    Free shipping is not available because we already offer the lowest possible shipping rate to our customers. To ensure we are able to offer our customers the lowest prices, our shipping rates vary from product to product rather than setting one standard, inflated shipping rate.
  • Can you send me the template now?
    No, our templates are prepackaged and shipped with our sinks. However, a digital cutout file, also known as a Drawing eXchange Format (dxf) file, can be downloaded and printed.
  • Do I need a special faucet and drain for a vessel sink?
    Yes, all vessel sinks require a vessel faucet and a vessel pop-up drain or grid drain. Waterfall faucets are available for all bamboo, glass, and stone vessel sinks.
  • Do I need a special faucet and drain for a vessel sink?
    Yes, all vessel sinks require a vessel faucet and a vessel pop-up or grid drain.
  • Do I need to purchase the optional base plate?
    You will only need to purchase the optional base plate if you have an existing three-hole cutout.
  • Do stone sinks have an overflow?
    No, our stone sinks do not have an overflow.
  • Do you have a show room in my area?
    Our showroom is located at our office headquarters in Toledo, Ohio.
  • Do you have installation instructions?
    No, we have templates that are shipped with our sinks and a digital cutout file, also known as a Drawing eXchange Format (dxf) file, that can be downloaded and printed.
  • Do you make custom sized sinks?
    No, we do not make custom sized sinks.
  • Do you offer copper drains with your copper sinks?
    Yes, we offer grid drains with our bathroom copper sinks and copper drains and flanges with our kitchen copper sinks.
  • Do your bamboo sinks have an overflow?
    No, our bamboo sinks do not have an overflow.
  • Do your glass sinks have an overflow?
    No, our glass sinks do not have an overflow.
  • How are stone sinks mounted?
    Our stone sinks are vessel sinks which sit on top of the vanity countertop.
  • How are your bamboo sinks mounted?
    Our bamboo sinks are vessel sinks which sit on top of the vanity or countertop.
  • How do you measure the cabinet size?
    Cabinet size should be measured from the outer left side to the outer right side of the cabinet.
  • How does a frosted glass sink get the "frosted" look?
    Glass is “frosted" after the bowl is created by sandblasting the glass surface with hydrofluoric acid until it has an opaque appearance.
  • I have a sink that looks like yours can I just order the grids and/or cutting board?
    No, our grids and cutting boards are custom made to fit our sinks, therefore, we cannot guarantee that our grids and cutting boards will fit sinks that are not made by MR Direct.
  • Is 16 gauge stainless steel thicker or thinner than 18 gauge stainless steel?
    16 gauge stainless steel is 25% thicker than 18 gauge stainless steel.
  • What accessories are available with my sink?
    We carry standard and basket strainers, stainless steel grids, dish baskets and cutting boards for many of our kitchen sinks. For our bathroom sinks, vessel and standard pop-up drains, grid drains, sink rings for vessels, and a variety of faucet styles for all of our sinks are available.
  • What does pressure balancing do?
    The pressure balancing device automatically adjusts for temperature fluctuations when hot or cold water is diverted from the shower. For example, when a toilet is flushed the pressure balancing device prevents the person in the shower from being scalded by hot water or suddenly frozen by cold water.
  • What does the lifetime warranty cover?
    MR Direct will replace any sink that is defective and cover the shipping cost, however, this warranty does not cover reinstallation fees.
  • What is a good gauge for a sink?
    The lower the gauge number, the thicker the sink is, therefore, a 16 or 18 gauge sink would be a good quality choice.
  • What is a sink reveal?
    A sink reveal refers to the placement of the sink in the countertop and how visible the sink edge is.
  • What is PolyStone?
    PolyStone is a sink material made with a compound of polyurethane and natural minerals.
  • What is the difference between standard strainers and basket strainers?
    Basket strainers are able to hold more debris than standard strainers because they internally collect debris with a metal basket that can be removed and emptied as needed.
  • What is the difference between Vitreous China and Ceramic?
    Our porcelain sinks are made from a triple glazed and fired mixture of clay and other minerals, otherwise known as Vitreous China. This technique makes our porcelain sinks harder, more durable, stain resistant and easier to clean than sinks made from ceramic.
  • What is the limited temperature stop?
    The limited temperature stop feature is an adjustable precautionary feature that allows for a shower’s maximum hot water level to be set, ultimately preventing scalding hot water from being released.
  • What is the water flow regulator?
    Most commonly used in commercial settings, the water flow regulator promotes water conservation by enabling a maximum water flow to be set.
  • What is Vitreous China?
    Vitreous China fired longer and at a higher temperature than inferior ceramic sinks.
  • What materials make up a Quartz Granite sink?
    Our Quartz Granite sinks are made with 80% Quartz and 20% Acrylic and have a non-porous finish leaving no place for bacteria to thrive.
  • What size sink base cabinet is needed for an apron sink?
    An apron, or farmhouse, sink requires a custom built cabinet.
  • What type of stainless steel do you use for your sinks?
    We use high quality cold-rolled 304 and 300 grade stainless steel for our sinks.
  • What type of wood is used to make your cutting boards?
    Our light colored Natural board is made of wood from the latex-producing Rubberwood tree, and our dark colored Sapele board is made from the mahogany wood of a Sapele tree. Both are dense hardwoods that have beautiful grain patterns and are naturally-resistant to moisture, molds, and fungus.
  • Where are your sinks made?
    Our sinks are made in the USA, Mexico, Germany, China, and Malaysia.
  • Why are copper sinks of the same model not identical to each other in size and finish?
    Each one of our copper sinks is unique in appearance and their sizes can vary up to 1/4 inch in any direction due to the fact that our copper sinks are hand-hammered by skilled artisans.
  • Why are stone sinks of the same model, not identical to each other in size and finish?
    Our stone sinks come right from nature and are hand-chiseled and polished by skilled craftsmen. Therefore some color variances will occur, and sizes can vary up to 1/4 inch in any direction.
  • Why do my granite sinks have different colors, even though they are the same model?
    Since all of our stone sinks come from natural granite, marble, onyx and sandstone, there will be regular variances between color and pattern.
  • Why do Quartz Granite sinks not have the option for a standard strainer?
    All of our Quartz Granite sinks require a basket strainer because standard strainers are not compatible with Quartz Granite sinks due to the thickness of the sink.
  • Why do your bronze and copper sinks have a patina?
    Patina helps define detail and disguise minor scratches or blemishes that may occur to your bronze or copper sink over time. Since bronze and copper will naturally patina over time, your sink will continue to look beautiful for years to come.
  • Will my copper sink turn color over time?
    Yes, a process referred to as oxidation will occur naturally when copper is exposed to oxygen and create an aged patina finish. The patina is "live" meaning it will continually work to darken the appearance of the copper throughout the life of the sink and help to conceal minor scratches and blemishes.
  • Will the color of my bronze sink change over time?
    Yes, our bronze sinks are finished with an “aged" or “antique" patina that will continually work to subtly change the appearance of the bronze surface over time.
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