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Our TruGranite sinks are non-porous, which prevent bacterial growth from occurring.

Color Options

TruGranite sinks are available in an assortment of colors to match any kitchen decor including beige, black, mocha, silver, slate, and white. The material will never fade or lose the original color because the pigment is uniform throughout the sink.

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Pre-Purchase Questions
  • Why do TruGranite sinks not have the option for a standard strainer?
    All of our TruGranite sinks require a basket strainer because standard strainers are not compatible with TruGranite sinks due to the thickness of the sink.
  • What materials make up a TruGranite sink?
    Our TruGranite sinks are made with 80% Quartz and 20% Acrylic and have a non-porous finish leaving no place for bacteria to thrive.
  • Can a garbage disposal be installed in TruGranite sinks?
    Yes, a garbage disposal can be installed in our TruGranite sinks. If you plan to install a garbage disposal in your TruGranite sink, we recommend that a matching TruGranite flange is used with the disposal.
  • How do I clean my TruGranite sink?
    • Truly Flawless TruGranite

      To maintain the surface of your TruGranite sink, avoid cleaning with harsh citrus cleaners and ammonia. Be sure to dry your sink after each use and regularly clean your sink with this tip.


      1. Cover your sink with a mixture of mild soap and water.
      2. With a nylon brush, gently scrub around your entire sink.
      3. Rinse immediately with pure water and dry.

      Supplies Needed

      For best results, we recommend using Dawn® dish soap.

      Mild Soap

      Nylon Brush

      Microfiber Cloth

    • Blemished TruGranite

      Rusty water or oily substances left in your TruGranite sink can cause discoloration. Unwanted blemishes can be eliminated by using a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® or by following this tip.


      1. Wearing protective gloves, fill sink with approximately 2 inches of warm water and 3-4 splashes of bleach.
      2. Allow solution to soak in the sink for 15 minutes.
      3. Drain solution, rinse well with pure water, and dry.

      Supplies Needed

      To achieve the best results, we recommend using Clorox® bleach.

      Rubber Gloves


      Microfiber Cloth

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