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Definition of A Composite Kitchen Sink

The MR Direct brand of topmount, composite, kitchen sinks is known as TruGranite. Drop-in, composite, kitchen sinks are referred to by several terms including: quartz, composite granite, and granite composite sinks. Regardless of the name used, these sinks are all made of a crushed stone and acrylic formula. The type of stone, specific polymer formulation, and their ratio to each other; determines the appearance and quality of the sink. The MR Direct, TruGranite, topmount sinks are 80% quartz and 20% acrylic.

Installation from The Top Down

Over-the-counter composite sinks are easy to install. Suspended by their rim, they are simply dropped into the countertop opening and secured in place. Often these sinks are referred to as composite granite utility sinks, because they are used in other rooms beyond the kitchen.

Broad Choice of Formats And Colors

Our topmount, composite, kitchen sinks are offered as single-bowl, composite sinks and double-bowl, composite sinks. Either format is available in a choice of six colors: black, beige, slate, mocha, silver, or white. Each TruGranite sink has a completely level bottom and a smooth, flat rim. Four pre-scored holes can be removed to accommodate any faucet or accessory.

Traits of A Trugranite Topmount Composite Kitchen Sink
  • Scratch and stain-resistant
  • Withstands heat to 550°
  • Low-maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Custom-fit grids and cutting boards available
  • Lifetime warranty
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