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MR Direct TruGranite sinks are composed of a mixture of stone and acrylic to provide you with a sink that is as durable as it is beautiful. Previously available only in undermount options, the line is expanding to offer several additional topmount sinks.

These new self-rimming models are an attractive option for homeowners who have laminate countertops, or those would prefer a simpler installation process. They are available in single and double bowl options and come with pre-drilled holes to accommodate faucets and additional accessory fixtures.

Scratch-Heat-Stain Resistant

All of our TruGranite sinks are composed of a blend of 80% quartz and 20% acrylic. The quartz base makes them resistant to scratches and stains, and each sink can withstand temperatures up to 550°

Scratch-Heat-Stain Resistant

The acrylic component of TruGranite sinks acts as a natural sound dampener, so the reverberation of running water or placing pots and pans in the basin is stifled. Additionally, TruGranite is a low-maintenance option because each model features a non-porous finish which leaves nowhere for bacteria to thrive.

Sound Dampening, Antibacterial, Multiple Colors

MR Direct TruGranite sinks are offered in six matte colors: black, beige, slate, mocha, silver and white. Matching strainers and flanges are also offered.

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