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What makes a composite sink?

There are many granite-like sinks on the market, often known as quartz composite, granite composite, or synthetic. Each is a man-made stone sink with different properties. Our TruGranite undermount quartz sinks are made with 80% quartz and 20% acrylic to form a durable sink whose beauty is sure to demand attention.

Undermount TruGranite sinks are a composite of quartzite and acrylic
Undermount installation

As undermount models, our composite sinks are designed to sit below the surface of the countertop. This is a popular installation method with granite or quartz-like sinks because the perimeter of the sink remains visible. Undermount quartz sinks are aesthetically pleasing and hygienic. Due to their rimless installation, bacteria, food debris, or remnant water can be swept directly into the sink.

Undermount TruGranite sinks sit below the countertop
Features of TrueGranite Sinks:

Our TruGranite sinks are expertly crafted for maximum durability. They are hygienic and low-maintenance options that kill up to 99% of all bacteria and mold on contact.

The quartz component of our TruGranite sinks allows them to withstand temperatures up to 550°, and makes them dent, scratch, and stain-resistant. The acrylic component acts as a natural sound-dampener.

Each sink is available in six matte colors: black, beige, slate, mocha, silver and white. Custom-fit grids and cutting boards are available for each MR Direct undermount quartz sink.

TruGranite sinks are durable and low-maintenance
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